Welcome to the blog! I’m Aly!

This website started out as just another mom blog filled with random musings by my younger sister and me.

Fast forward many years later, and it’s now just me working on things while my sister focuses on a full-time teaching job, another Master’s degree, and parenting her two kids.

What about me now?

Well, I finished a bioengineering degree, became an eye doctor, burned out after less than a decade of practicing, and am now a stay-at-home mom turned crafter extraordinaire.

I’m married to another eye doc, and we have two young girls.

While you’ll find all sorts of random posts in the archives here, this website is now dedicated to sharing crafty ventures and inspiring you to create DIY projects!

So, follow along!

Contact Me

The best way of contacting me regarding questions on a post is to leave a comment on that post!

Need something else? Email me at brbimcrafting[at]gmail[dot]com