Baby Wooden Letters – DIY Baby Girl Nursery Name on Wall

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After doing my son’s nursery letters, it was much easier to create these baby wooden letters for Madison.  Now, I have to admit, doing hers was a little more fun. Maybe it was because of all the pink and ability to make it as girly as possible. Anyway, here is a breakdown of how hers turned out and how you can make your own.

The “M” was super easy.

I painted the entire letter with the light pink. Then, using white paint, I added some polka dots. For these, I actually bought one of those Martha Stuart brushes to make them perfect. I did, however, still go back and fix up them with a thin paint brush.

The “A” was a little more difficult.

I painted the entire letter white, then sectioned off parts by cutting some masking tape in half. I painted the rest with the bright pink color. Remove the tape and touch up.

For the “D,” I put together two pieces of masking take and placed them in the center of the letter.

I painted the remaining parts coral. After drying, I removed the tape and free handed the white. Make sure to use a very fine paint brush to do the border between the white and coral. Then, add the little polka dots for a finishing touch. I used the back of the paint brush to help make them a little more perfect.

I free-handed the entire letter “I” as best as I could.

Paint the top and bottom with the bright pink and paint the middle with the light pink. I added the dots on the border so you wouldn’t be able to tell if it was not done perfectly. Things like this are my favorite. It adds a little something and corrects imperfections.

The”S” is painted coral with little white dots.

Use the back of the paint brush, just as you did with the previous letters.

The “O” is just the reversal of the A.

However, for some reason, the bright pink faded into the white. Happy coincidence, I thought so.

The “N” was done just as the “M” but with different colors.

Don’t forget to wait until the base coat dries before placing the polka dots. Also, touch up as needed.

Finally, apply your clear top coat, and you are finished. Here is what it looks like:

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