Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet: Craft With Older Kids

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Today I’m going to be sharing an idea of a fun craft for teens: making beaded bracelets using safety pins, elastic, and all sorts of fun beads.

My grandmother first taught me to make these.

When I was little, we used to go to my grandmother’s house every summer for several weeks. I’m sure my parents absolutely loved this time away from my sister and me, and we loved getting to go have fun with our Mama. She always had crafts planned and all sorts of mini trips for us to take.

She loved to help us make these cute bracelets out of safety pins, beads, and thin elastic. They are really easy to make, and since the kinds of beads you can use are so varied, this activity can be done over and over with different results each time.  And hey, if you’re an entrepreneurial teen, you could even sell these!

How to Make Beaded Safety Pin Bracelets

This tutorial is short, because making safety pin and bead bracelets is so easy to understand.  The process of crafting your bracelet may take a little while, though, depending how unique you want your bracelet to be.

So, all you have to do is first cut two lengths of elastic that are the circumference of your wrist.

We then tied the ends in a circle together with double knots.  We put hot glue on the ends to keep them from coming apart when the elastics were stretched.

You can then use the safety pins to put beads on.  Put as many beads as will fit on safety pins!

I used to LOVE the big green bead on the left in this picture!  The variety of beads also gives it a fun look.

This is definitely an activity for older kids who are able to manipulate safety pins without hurting themselves.  I just found my old bracelet when cleaning out the other day, and it got me thinking how I’m looking forward to one day crafting one with my daughters!  It also brought back such good memories from 20+ years ago!

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