Baby Nursery Closet Organization: Cereal Box Recycle to DIY Size Dividers

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Before baby girl arrived, we stocked up on diapers and wipes and all sorts of goodies. I washed and hung every one of her clothes from newborn to 9 months size. I was so incredibly organized! Many sleepless nights later, the closet isn’t in perfect shape, but stocking up ahead of time on supplies, prewashing clothes, and setting up some organizational framework has definitely helped out with keeping me sane!

A few fun methods or organizing baby’s closet will be covered in this post.  Specifically, how to recycle a cereal box to make DIY size dividers for baby’s closet as well as how to repurpose a scarf hanger for better leggings organization.

I stocked up on diapers and organized the closet like crazy!

Check out the stock-up beforehand! Every time I found a deal on diapers or wipes (and I’m talking like a GREAT deal where I could combine manufacturer’s coupons with store specials with app offers like ibotta and checkout 51), I would stock up on all the sizes from newborn to even some size 4’s. I still haven’t had to buy diapers yet many, many months later! Saves the inconvenience of having to run out and grab diapers late at night and the money from having to buy them when they are not on a sale.

Later, the bottom right of the closet became a diaper holder when we realized how many diapers a newborn poops through in just one day! Luckily I had bought a LOT of newborn diapers!

Recycle a cereal box to DIY closet size dividers

This is where the cereal box recycle came in!  With DIY dividers, I could see what options she had for each size and what length the clothes actually were. If you haven’t found out already, sizing for baby clothes is sooo not uniform. A size 6 months in one brand could be the size of a 9-12 month in another brand!  Nicole thinks I’m crazy for hanging up baby girl’s clothes after every laundry day, but I love doing it for now. I can’t stand the clothes being wrinkled from being thrown in a bin, and I don’t like the idea of folding in drawers because certain items get stuffed towards the bottom and are forgotten.

I saw several closet divider options at craft and baby stores for up to 10$ a set.  (Here’s an example on Amazon here!) Since that seemed crazy to me, I made my own that were practically free. I took scrap scrapbook paper (that matched her quilt and diaper changing pad!) and glued it to the front of a cereal box.  I then traced a big circle and a little circle for each divider and cut the dividers out just so.  Super easy cereal box recycle craft!

They all then got month number stickers on them. Easy peasy.

Repurpose a scarf hanger to organize baby leggings in the closet!

After a couple of months, I got tired of hanging her leggings, so I invested in a scarf holder and now use it to hold all her leggings.  It hangs perfectly in the closet right with all her other clothes.

Check out the rest of her nursery here.  How do y’all organize your nursery closets?