Classroom Makeover – Quick and Easy + Flexible Seating

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I began the year at a completely new elementary school. I am so excited and cannot wait for all of the wonderful things that will be happening this year. However, one of the biggest struggles I faced was getting my classroom set up. It is difficult to set your classroom up any year, but even more difficult when it is a brand new classroom, at a brand new school. The teacher before me very gracefully left some of her things for me. However, I wanted to see if I could add a little bit of color and brighten things up. I figured I could bring some of my 3rd grade cute-ness into the classroom. These kids are still young and need to have some fun!  Hence, this classroom makeover!

Here is a fun and quick way to not only make over an entire classroom, but also incorporate flexible seating. This also didn’t cost me very much money. The entire classroom, including the flexible seating, cost less than $200. For non-teachers, this might seem like a lot, but for teachers, this is nothing! The kids love it and I have received so many compliments on the brightness of the room!


The walls were very uniform and boring. I also didn’t like the organization of the shelves.

After Operation Classroom Makeover:

I created a Math Word Wall and a Math Bulletin board “How We Learn Math” and incorporated it into the classroom. The change of colors makes a huge difference in the feel of the classroom!

Below, I have another look at the flexible seating and the change of colors. I left the back black because I plan on putting anchor charts over it. Anchor charts will eventually begin to take up my room. I switched up the border though to add a splash of color.


After the Makeover:

I made my own curtains out of fabric as well.


Before, there were three different sets of black that took up the whole back wall. I took them down and replaced them with two bright full size sheets from Walmart. They were each on sale for $5! It makes a huge difference and the room looks even bigger than it already is.

After: Before:

Here’s what my desk area looked like beforehand.


I brought my lounge chair we used to use in the baby’s room. This was by far the best decision. While grading papers during my off period, I am so thankful!

What have you done to change up the feel in your classroom?  I’d love to see other classroom makeover before and after pics!

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