10 Rules of Math (Teacher Classroom Rules Anchor Chart)

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I’m sure some of you have seen the Ten Commandments of Math if you’ve searched Pinterest enough.

It’s a super cute list of commandments tailored to math classrooms. (I have no idea of the original creator to credit, as this list is EVERYWHERE.)

However, since these rules didn’t all fit great with my third-grade math classroom needs, I created my own version of this classroom rules anchor chart.

I call these my “10 Rules of Math.”

They’re a little different from my rules for classroom management as they’re much less broad and more specific.

10 Rules of Math for elementary school classrooms

My ’10 Rules of Math’ For My Classroom

the math rules anchor chart bulletin board

  1. Thou shall not write thy math papers in ink.
  2. Thou shall show ALL work.
  3. Thou shall remember that Fridays are test days.
  4. Thou shall not put other books before Math class.
  5. Thou shall always use CUBES when solving math word problems.
  6. Thou shall memorize thy multiplication facts.
  7. Thou shall check ALL work.
  8. Thou shall not look at thy neighbor’s paper.
  9. Thou shall label ALL answers.
  10. Thou shall never divide by zero.

My students think the rules are clever, and they also like seeing them on the wall as a reminder.

For example, for some reason, some students just hate showing their work, and I’m always having to remind them.

I just point at the anchor chart and the students know what rule they “broke”!

Maybe these will help you out in your classroom too!

What rules do you use in your classroom?  Do you have a math classroom rules anchor chart that you use?

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