French Vanilla Coffee Bean Candle DIY: Easy to Make and Smells Great!

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My mother-in-law loves coffee, and she will only drink it with individually packaged International Delight Vanilla creamers. When she visits our house, she even brings her own tiny creamers for her morning coffee! For her birthday, I decided a great gift idea would be a homemade DIY french vanilla coffee candle.  I had seen a coffee bean candle DIY project like this ages ago in a Martha Stewart Living magazine and wanted to recreate it myself.


DIY Coffee Bean Candle Low Cost Supplies

  • Mason jar or other container
  • Candle with scent of choice (vanilla in my case)
  • Enough coffee beans to fill the jar

This is a very inexpensive gift to make, yet it’s still very thoughtful!

I first found a small glass Mason jar that we had received some jam in a while ago. Since I was repurposing this jar, there was no cost here!

I then bought enough coffee beans to fill the jar. Since my husband and I are not coffee connoisseurs and use only ground coffee, I went to Sprouts and bought only the beans that we needed.  I did enjoy sniffing all the coffee beans at the store to figure out which I liked best! I ended up with mostly french vanilla beans but also threw in some pecan ones. The total cost for the beans was less than a dollar.

I lastly bought a vanilla candle. While I had initially wanted a tea light candle, I decided to get a votive candle instead because it just smelled so much better! The candle was only $0.25.

Total project cost: $1.25!

How I Made This DIY Coffee Candle:

Once home with all my purchases, I poured the coffee beans into the jar.


Then, I nestled the candle into them. Oh the aroma was heavenly!  And ta-da, there you have it.  A super easy, very inexpensive gift or decoration for your own house.  And, my mother-in-law loved hers!  Glad I made this coffee bean candle DIY craft!



**I’d watch it burn if you choose to nestle the candle within the coffee beans. Don’t want anything catching on fire! Alternatively you could get a tea light candle with a metal bottom and nestle it above the coffee beans, but to me that just didn’t smell as fragrant…so I’m willing to suggest it only be burned partially under close supervision!

***Also, if you like other flavors in your coffee, try a different scent of candle!

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