Cutting Activities for Preschoolers: Paper Bag “Haircuts”

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A few months ago, I came across a few great children’s ideas on Pinterest.  First, using paper plates to teach scissor skills with paper plate haircuts.  And second, making a jellyfish craft by turning upside down a paper lunch bag and cutting tentacles. While looking at these two ideas, I thought, why not kind of combine these two ideas and use paper bag “haircuts” to help my daughter work on scissor cutting skills?  Thus, this activity was born.  It’s one of my favorite cutting activities for preschoolers.

Paper Bag Haircut Supplies:

  • Paper lunch bags
  • Permanent Marker or other drawing utensils
  • Kid-friendly Scissors (We have THESE)
  • Decorations or colored pencils for bag if desired (let your kids give the bags more personality!)


This cutting activity was super simple to prepare. I took several paper bags and just drew funny faces on them with the permanent marker. A few of the bags, I went ahead and cut “hair” out of the tops of the bags.

Some of the other bags, I just drew lines to allow Kathryn to cut and make the “hair” herself before starting to give the haircut with scissors.

Since these are simple paper bags, you have the option of letting your child decorate the bag with markers or other goodies before giving the haircut if desired.

I made several of these and put them all in a gallon size bag for when she is a little older and shows interest.  Then, she can have fun cutting “hair” and working on her scissor skills.  Also, the more preparation I can do now for when my daughter gets a little older, the more free time I will have to plan other fun things to do too!

What do y’all think?  What other cutting activities for preschoolers do you like?

In the meantime, feel free to check out another craft project using scissors and old oatmeal containers.  Also, if your child is able to cut magazines, this letter matching + magazine cutting activity is another fun idea to work on scissor skills.