DIY Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls From Figurines: Paw Patrol!

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My big girl daughter is about to be moving out of the nursery into her new big girl room to make room for her little sister.  She’s so excited, so I hope this translates to her still sleeping at night and making good choices in her room by herself!

We want to make the big girl room super exciting so she wants to move to it! One way we are hoping to personalize her room is to include some of her favorite characters such as Minnie Mouse and her Paw Patrol friends.

We have a nice built-in desk setup in her new bedroom that was there when we bought the house. While it’s not super practical with a tiny toddler who can’t reach the shelves, it at least allows us to store stuff off the floor from her mischievous little fingers. There are also several cabinets we can fill with goodies to keep things looking organized.

The cabinets currently have no handles, so I thought it would be fun to make some of my own using Paw Patrol figurines I found at Dollar Tree. (Here they are on Amazon if you want some of your own!) While I came up with the idea and bought the figurines, my husband and Dad were the muscle behind the project and made it work out great! Here’s the before and then the finished product:

And here’s some more brief information on how they made DIY cabinet knobs and drawer pulls:

They first drilled little holes into the back of the figurines.  A little gorilla glue and screws (the ones with no heads on them) were stuck into the holes on the back of the figurines.

We had to drill holes into the cabinets also to attach the new “knobs.” Once we stuck the knobs through, we put nuts on the back and front of the cabinet and tightened them to keep the knobs from being loose.  These had to be super tight to keep the figurines from rotating.

Super fast, fairly easy, and pretty cute!  Check out the rest of the pictures below:

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