DIY Prayers and Praises Board: Mini Chalkboard + Scrapbooking Stickers

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I saw this idea on Etsy a while ago, and it started me thinking. We want to bring baby girl up to be thankful for how she has been blessed, and we want her to turn to the Lord in her trials. Also, in Bible study as a teenager, I remember enjoying when we shared our “ups and downs” or “highs and lows” at the beginning of our weekly study .  We also shared prayer requests (or if we had none, answered prayers or praises) at the end.

Thus, I set out to make my own Prayers and Praises board when I found this great mini pink chalkboard on a deal at Michael’s.  Thus, I want to show you how to make your own little board in this DIY tutorial.  While my Prayers & Praises board is intended for my daughter, this craft idea can be used for any age! We all need to focus on gratitude for answered prayers and remember to turn to the Lord in prayer when hardships arise.

Supplies Needed

  • A small standing wooden board.  I’ve seen lots of these at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.  Ideally, you’ll want it to be two-sided.  If it’s one-sided, you can just split it down the middle for the prayers and praises.
  • Scrapbook stickers or vinyl letters (if you have a Cricut)

How I Made My Prayers and Praises Board

My wooden board was already covered in chalkboard paint, so I didn’t have to paint it. If yours is not already painted, you’ll want to do this yourself with chalkboard paint.

On one side, I used scrapbook stickers to make the “Praises.”  It’s hard to tell in the picture, but these are elevated 3-D stickers.

The other side, I used stickers of a different font of stickers to make the word “Prayers.”

Also, did you know there is a such thing as a chalk marker? I had NO idea until I saw the markers in a store and tried them out! No more mess from chalk all over the place. They worked great on my little board here, but I should note it was REALLY hard to clean the chalk off from another project that I used chalkboard paint on first.

And there you have it!  Have you used a board like this, and how has it worked?  So far our daughter has been very receptive to it.

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