How To Create A Construction Themed Birthday Party – Boy’s Birthday

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As some of you may know, my son recently turned four years old.  I’m extremely emotional realizing he is definitely not a toddler anymore, so I wanted to make sure his birthday party was a blast!

He chose to have a construction themed birthday party.

Recently, he has been super obsessed with everything construction! He even wants to be a construction worker when he gets older. Assuming, he says, that all of the houses aren’t already built by then.

And since I’m all about encouraging him to be whatever he wants, if he wanted a construction themed birthday party, I was all for it.​

Now, birthday parties aren’t fun for me in any sort of way. I don’t like planning them. I always want them to be too perfect. Also, I don’t like the day of the party either because I’m so anxious making sure there is enough food for everyone. I’m never able to enjoy it. However, I do my best because I love all of the memories that are created!

So, this year, we decided to go all out with the themed birthday. Normally, I’d rather stick to a color scheme instead of a specific theme. However, seeing as how the kids are getting older and able to choose their own theme, I went for it.

There are so many amazing things you can do with a construction themed birthday party.

First order of business is ordering a ton of construction trucks. I found these adorable little mini trucks to use for decoration. I put them around the room and on his cake. Not to mention, they doubled as great toys for my son after the party was over.

As for other decorations, we definitely had to have the construction plastic tablecloth. Add that with the construction plates and cups, and it was perfect. Our house looked like a construction site!

I bought his cake, as I always do, from Walmart. Their cakes are so delicious and inexpensive. I paid less than 30 bucks for the entire cake, including the toy trucks. Can’t beat that!

We wanted to keep the food easy, so we did a Build Your Own Burger Bar and a Trail Mix Bar. Both of which were wonderful ways to add on to the construction theme for the party.  Check out those posts for more information there.


In conclusion, everything you need:

If you have ever done a construction themed birthday party, what did you do? Comment below!

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