DIY: Updating Your Yard Without Breaking The Bank

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I work so hard to have a nice looking yard. For me, my green thumb definitely does not come naturally. I really have to work for it.  Therefore, I need easy solutions to a nice looking yard.

We recently moved into a new house, so our yard was very bare. We had the basic brown mulch and few bushes spread out sporadically. When it comes to gardening purchases, I am sure you know that it is not cheap. So leave it up to me to find how to redo our yard without spending too much money.

I spruced up our yard with three purchases. All in all, it cost around $100-$150. It looks great and we have gotten a ton of compliments. If your yard is bare too, here are the three purchases that could completely change the whole look of it.

How To Redo Your Yard – 3 Easy Steps

Rubber Mulch

I first saw rubber mulch on the playgrounds at my children’s school. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It is starting to become a very popular trend. It doesn’t poke the kids in the eye or cause quite as many boo-boos. Beyond that, it looks amazing in a flower bed! It was by far one of the best purchases I have made. I only needed about 10 bags to fill the entire flower bed. I got the Vigoro Mocha Brown Mulch at Home Depot here. I also got a really good deal on a few extra bags because I took the ones that were open. The guy at the front gave us 5 free bags because they were going to throw them away anyways. Ask your local home depot to see if maybe you can get a deal too!

Make sure that if you want it to look nice, you remove all of your existing mulch. If not, it will start to show through over time. Overall, this rubber mulch is great looking and in the end will probably save you money due to their 12 year color guarantee. Each year, I buy a bag or two and fill in just to make it look nice. But, hopefully, I will never have to completely re-mulch again (well, at least not for 12 years).


I love the look of the mortared brick. However, that can be pretty costly. In order to keep the mulch from escaping the flower bed, and the grass growing into the flower beds, you need a border. A cost efficient solution is the Multy Home EZ border. You can get this at Home Depot also. It is relatively cheap and easy to use. They are 20 feet each so I needed two to go completely around the entire flower bed. I surrounded the entire perimeter of the flower bed and it turned out great! It looks nice, works efficiently, and is a great alternative to spending all that extra money.


Personally, I think Vincas are gorgeous. They are a cost efficient solution and super easy to grow. All they really need is some water and occasionally some Miracle Gro.  They do great in all seasons and are honestly pretty difficult to kill. You can buy them as a single flower or in groups. I like to start out with a few of them spread apart and then fill in as needed. If you plant a bunch of them at once, they are really pretty as well.

Over all, I think the yard makes a huge improvement in the entire look of our home. What do you think?  Any other ideas on how to redo your yard?