Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos – Easy Freezer Meal Prep for Mornings

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I recently shared how I like to make green freezer smoothies, which got me thinking about all the things I like to make ahead of time.  One other thing I like to have made and in the freezer is breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches.  These freeze pretty well and don’t take too much time to make.  I like to make around 25-30 burritos or sandwiches at a time.  It doesn’t take much longer than an hour or two.

Depending on how stuffed you want your burritos and what ingredients and ratios you want, you can make your grocery list include any of the following items.

Freezer Burrito Ingredients

  • Burrito size tortillas
  • Breakfast sausage—we like the hot, spicy type!
  • Bacon—we use turkey bacon
  • Eggs
  • Shredded cheese
  • Black beans or even corn
  • Salsa or enchilada sauce
  • Frozen peppers and onions—can also be prepared on the stove if preferred
  • Spinach—not a typical burrito, but we like incorporate green leafy vegetables whenever we can

These make ahead breakfast burritos are super simple to prepare:

First thing to do is to prepare plastic wrap squares to wrap your burritos in.  I usually cut the plastic wrap to be a few inches larger than the tortilla.  Cut as many plastic squares as you want burritos, and spread them out over the kitchen counters.

Place one tortilla on each saran wrap.  This takes up a lot of space in the kitchen! See them all here!

After this, I start preparing the other ingredients.  I try to get the bacon started on the griddle and the sausage on the stove along with the eggs.

While these items are cooking, I start distributing out the other ingredients.  First, I begin by putting black beans on each tortilla, and then add the peppers and onions.  Don’t fill the tortillas too full or you will have difficulty getting them to roll and close well.

After that, I layer the sausage, bacon, and eggs on the tortillas.  Next is topping with shredded cheese, spinach, and a bit of salsa.

I then roll the tortillas into a burrito, tucking both ends of the burrito in.  Here’s one of my make ahead breakfast burritos before being wrapped.

I then wrap each burrito up in the plastic wrap, making it as airtight as possible.  Lastly, I store all the burritos in either a large Tupperware or a gallon bag.  I typically date precooked items that go into the deep freeze, because every once in a while something will get lost in the bottom of the deep freeze and when we find it, we have no idea how old it is!


We do prefer to put the burritos in the fridge the night before we eat them.  This makes the cooking more uniform the next day—none of those annoying frozen spots in the middle or overcooked outer edges of the tortillas.  Usually a minute or two in our microwave will heat it up perfectly, but all microwaves cook a little differently.  A wet paper towel on top of the burrito helps prevent some of the dried out edges.

Sometimes we are also feeling a little adventurous, and instead of tortillas, we will prepare biscuits and use those instead.  I’ll update this post with some pictures as soon as I make another round of breakfast biscuits!