Handmade Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitations – Quick & Easy Invites

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My daughter is adamant that she have a Minnie Mouse birthday party for her third birthday this year.  I decided to agree because it does seem like a fun theme.  I’m starting to plan a little early because her baby sister is due the month after her birthday.  Since I’m going to have a lot of other stuff on my plate come this December, I needed to send the invites out soon.

I wanted to go ahead and share my handmade Minnie Mouse birthday invitations I whipped up quickly this weekend.  It was very easy to make this custom birthday invitation, and it was made out of inexpensive materials!

Supplies for DIY Minnie Invitations:

  • Cardstock (pink, or red would work too.  I found mine at Michael’s)
  • Vellum (with white polka dots. I actually got this from Hobby Lobby)
  • Minnie Mouse ribbon (grabbed mine from Walmart)
  • Double-sided tape, glue. and scissors

How to Make Minnie Mouse Party Invitations:

First, I decided I would make the invites small and cut an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of pink card stock paper into 4 equal size pieces.  This way I could use small invitation envelopes.

I then made a quick Microsoft Word document with the information for the party using the Disney font.  I included the date and time of the party as well as where it would be under “Come celebrate Kathryn’s 3rd birthday.”  Also, I let guests know there would be snacks and drink but not a complete meal.  This momma doesn’t have time for full meal parties!

After creating the invitation document, I printed it out onto polka dot vellum paper and cut the vellum papers just smaller than the card stock.  Using double sided tape, I stuck the vellum onto the card stock at the top.  If you don’t own any double side tape, glue will work, too.

I found some Minnie Mouse ribbon on a good clearance at Walmart, and it was a perfect color for the invitation.  After making little bows of ribbon, I glued them to the top of the vellum.

So easy to make all the Minnie Mouse birthday invitations in one night, and I still think they look pretty cute!

Lastly, I found a wax seal kit on sale at Hobby Lobby that I just couldn’t pass up.  Turns out doing those wax seals takes patience and a little bit of trial and error!  Nonetheless, I put heart wax seals on the back of every invitation because it was still fun.

All done!   Hope you enjoyed my Minnie Mouse party invitations DIY tutorial!

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