Mommy And Me Harry Potter Shirts – DIY Using Cricut

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Today I’m wanting to share the cute Mommy and Me Harry Potter shirts I made for my sister.

Ok, so here’s the story about how this all started in the first place. I bought Mary and her daughter adorable matching shirts for Mary’s birthday. I ordered them online from a store I happened upon when googling for mommy and me shirts. They were these cute little bunnies wearing glasses and underneath it said something about glasses. When they arrived, the shirts had the cute little bunnies and underneath them, it said “wear glassess.” No, that was not a typo. That’s what it said. When I ordered it, the picture was really small and blurry. Anyway, as soon as I got them in the mail, I took the bag, without looking at them, and put them away for her birthday- six months later.

I find myself sometimes buying things months in advance if I find something I think someone will really like. Well, since I put them away without looking, I didn’t find out until months later that there was a spelling error…obviously past my “14 day” return period. I know this because I tried contacting the company…and nothing. I have definitely learned a lesson through this experience.

So, in an effort to stay with the shirt theme, I decided to create my own.

I’ve only had my cricut for a few months. I am in the process of learning how to use it and what to use it for. So, needless to say, this was a huge learning experience for me.

I quickly looked for some ideas and came up with a Harry Potter themed shirt.  I saw several great ideas on Pinterest. There’s nothing Mary loves more than Harry Potter. If you don’t believe me, visit her post here. Using the Cricut, I designed the letters, and using iron-on glitter vinyl, I cut out the letters and images. I ironed them on to the shirts and they turned out pretty decent!

I can’t wait to use the Cricut again. Pretty soon everyone might be getting shirts for every holiday.

How To Create A Harry Potter Mommy and Me Shirt

Here’s a quick run down of how I created these Mommy and Me Harry Potter shirts in one night.

Begin by creating your design in Cricut design space or your software of choice. Make sure to cut your letters in a MIRROR image. Unfortunately, I wasted an extra sheet of vinyl because of this silly error.







Cut around your image and remove the excess vinyl around your letters.

Lay your letters on your shirt and iron on according to directions. Make sure to put a light cloth on top of the letters to keep the plastic from melting. Once again, lesson learned on my part. Gently peel off the plastic and you have your finished product!

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