Motivating Students In The Classroom With Incorporation of “A” Club

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Motivating students can be a very difficult task at times. Especially, for those students who might come from different backgrounds. It is one of those things that we, teachers, strive and work hardest to do. We want to reach that one student and help them to become a successful individual. Unfortunately, there is not an easy solution to helping to motivate these kids. However, it doesn’t hurt to try as many different ideas as possible.

One of the best things I have ever incorporated into my classroom is the “A club.”

Each week, we take a Math test covering the material that was taught throughout the week. If the students make a 90 or above on the test, their name goes on the A club (posted proudly in the classroom on a poster board). Each time they make an A after that, they receive a tally mark. At the end of each quarter, they receive homework passes for the number of A’s they earned. The kids absolutely love it! Once I started incorporating this, I actually had kids studying for their weekly tests in order to get their name on the board. Everyone wins!

*One important note: I do make sure that all students make it onto the A club at least once or a few times throughout the year. I’ve had so many of my students who felt empowered after making it on the A club. I have had students, who have never made an accomplishment like this, let alone an A on a Math test. Sometimes, there are a few students that just need to extra push to reach their potential. Possibly, this is the idea for them. You will never know unless you give it a shot!

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What ways do you use when motivating your students?