Newborn Shadow Box – Display Going Home from the Hospital Outfit

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I am one of THOSE people. I am that person that saves everything that has to do with their kids. Now, most of it is in a box somewhere. However, my kids’ “going home from the hospital outfit” was one of those things I just couldn’t throw in a box. Instead, I created a newborn shadow box to display the outfits.

I mean, I did spend hours trying to find the perfect outfits.  No joke.  Luckily both kids came out the right size to fit those outfits. And they looked so darn cute.  I don’t know what I would have done otherwise!  There was no backup outfit plan.

I want to share with you what my newborn shadow boxes looked like to give you some inspiration to create your own way to display sentimental newborn outfits.

Making a Going Home from the Hospital Shadow Box

Each newborn shadow box was so simple to make.  The only real supply you need for this DIY craft is a shadow box.  Hobby Lobby and Michael’s (and other craft stores, I’m sure) sell shadow boxes.  Mine was from Hobby Lobby. (Don’t forget to use a coupon if they’re not on sale!)

To create this cute memento, all you have to do it open up the box, and attach the onesie inside.  It really is a super easy thing to do.  I attached mine with removable glue dots.  It has enough stick to keep the onesies hanging in the box.  However, it’s not going to ruin the back of the outfit or keep me from taking it out one day if I change my mind on this shadow box.

I hung the finished newborn outfit shadow boxes up on the wall in our playroom so I could see them whenever I wanted to.  I’m considering making more shadow boxes to house other sentimental newbord items.  Such as their hospital bracelets, hospital hats, and footprints from their births.  Just as a busy mom, there’s only so much time in a day!








What other ways have you found to keep those sentimental baby items?  Hopefully, you too could use this idea to showcase your adorable outfits.

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