Nursery DIY Crafts (Sew and No-Sew!) for Baby Girl Pink Owl Room

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Baby girl’s room is attached to our room via double doors.  Between more double doors for her closet, the double doors for the entry to the master bedroom, the single door entry into her room, and the window, there is not a lot of wall space in her room.  We had to get creative with organization and decoration, so we went vertical!  There are several nursery DIY crafts that I have sewn and crafted myself for baby girl’s nursery that I want to share with you.   I basically wanted to make sure I could get the perfect color combinations!

Sew Your Own Changing Pad

I first made her changing pad out of fabric from Hobby Lobby that matched her quilt and the décor of her room.   It was simple to come up with a pattern by measuring the changing pad on fabric.  Here’s the changing pad we bought!

Princess Wall Decor

Had to add a little wall Princess bling also along with the dresser.  Walmart provided the fun wall clings!

And a little matching bling for around her light switch.

Sew Your Own Matching Crib Skirt

I sewed a custom crib skirt for her so she could have matching polka dots! I made it adjustable with ribbon so it wouldn’t drag the ground when her crib got lowered.  Here is how it tied up when the crib was lowered.

Storage Solutions

I reused a decorative bookshelf to hold her humidifier as well as to store burp cloths and receiving/swaddling blankets for easy access.  I made little bows out of ribbons and hot glued them on.  This was super cute and functional until baby girl started pulling up to stand.  Then, she made it a personal game to pull every bow off as well as every cloth off the bookshelf.  Every single time I put her on the floor in her room.

Shadow Box DIY Nursery Decor

For some fun K décor, I took a shadow box and covered the back with scrapbook paper.  Then I glued a white, painted wooden K on top.  It was one of the easiest projects yet looked super cute when done!

Hand-Sewn Glider Pillow To Match the Quilt

Her grandmother made her a super cute pillow for the glider, and we hung tan curtains over the windows that we secured with a flower from one of her baby shower gifts.

Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

It is easiest to have stuffed animals in one place for end of the day clean up:

A Cute Toy Storage Solution

After trying multiple options for toys, we found it easiest to scoop them up and put them in a bin at the end of the day. This bin is cute and serves the purpose. Before we started end of day cleaning, we had so many mishaps where we silently tiptoe away from the crib once baby girl was asleep…and step on a toy that would play music or rattle!

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