Pennant Banner With Scrapbook Paper- Printer DIY – Easy!

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Today’s fun tutorial is how to make a pennant banner with scrapbook paper.  It’s a super easy DIY project that takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

Scrapbook Paper Banner Inspiration

I’m totally into watercolor floral decor these days. I’ve seen tons of great graphics on Pinterest, and I’m just in love. Thus, I wanted to make a DIY name banner for my daughter’s baby dedication party.

I also saw some great scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby and wanted to incorporate it into my banner. Time is something I don’t have a whole ton of right now, so I wanted to make something quick and easy. I thought about painting or stenciling the letters on, but why not be as simple as possible?

My absolute favorite font to use right now when making crafts for my daughter is bromello. Here’s her wood slice decor for her room. Great font, right?

Since I was able to trace and paint the wood slice, I considered doing that again this time around.  But, I finally decided to just print the banner from my computer!  A fun and easy scrapbook paper craft for the win!

How to Make a DIY Baby Name Banner

I first trimmed the large scrapbook paper to 8.5″x11″ to allow it to fit into my printer. Then, I made a Word doc with the letters of her name. I printed it out on white paper first to see how it would look and make sure all the letters were in good places.

Next, I printed directly onto the scrapbook paper and cut each letter out.

Here are the rectangle letters spelling her name:

I hole punched the top of each letter, added string, and then made a cute little triangular cut on the bottom of each letter page.

Here’s one of the E’s on the string.

This was displayed at my daughter’s baby dedication, and they looked awesome!  Due to the rough lighting in my kitchen, the pictures aren’t great.  But trust me, this DIY baby name banner was so cute!  And so easy to make!

Now that it’s made, I need to do something else with it.  Any ideas where else to hang my scrapbook paper pennant banner?