Top Selfish Reasons to Become an Elementary School Teacher

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Being a teacher is, I believe, a very selfless job. However, there are numerous perks to this tiring, overwhelming profession.  Here’s a bit of levity for you today!

Here are some of my favorite selfish reasons to become an elementary school teacher.

June, July, and August

Nothing beats two and a half months off from work. Now, this is, of course, much deserved time off. Summers off might be a selling point for most, along with the other vacation times. These include, but are not limited to, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Spring Break.

Most schools, or at least the schools I have been in, buy everything new at the beginning of the year. This means that at the end of the year, leftovers are free for the taking. Also, so many generous parents donate that you are left over with excess amounts of supplies.


From the amount of band-aids the school nurse buys each year, and the amount that aren’t used, you might never need to buy band-aids again.


Schools overbuy paper in ridiculous amounts. There are never times when I don’t have paper for the kids to draw on or paper to print with.

Bags- gallon/quart/sandwich

Also overly bought and donated.  We find more creative ways to use bags at school than you can imagine.  I’m also set for life with sandwich bags for my own lunches.

Plastic Utensils

I never need to buy plastic ware to eat my lunch. All I have to do is walk down to the cafeteria and get one of the sporks in the lunch line.  Score!


From gift cards, to candy, to hand made cards, you know you are loved when you receive these for EVERY holiday.  (Thank you, parents, for your thoughtfulness!  We appreciate all the money you spend on teacher appreciation gifts.)

Having Fun

Most people can’t say they actually have fun at their job. Each and every day is an adventure being an elementary school teacher. This includes activities like dress up days, field trips, assemblies, etc.

Teaching might be a stressful job, but overall, you DO get to spend the day with kids- what’s better than that?

What selfish reasons to become an elementary school teacher can you add?

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