Staar Review Games: Create Your Own Jeopardy Game Show To Prepare

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One of my favorite parts of the school year is when we start Staar review. This is when I have already covered all the material I will for the year. This happens, for me, about a month before the students take the dreaded Staar test. For an entire month, we spend our math block playing Staar review games, doing fun activities, and doing centers to prepare the students for the test. As some other teachers do, I sometimes call it “Boot Camp.”

We do so many different activities, so stay tuned for future review posts. However one of my, and the students’, favorite Staar review games to do is the “Staar Review Game Show” bulletin board.

STAAR Review Game Jeopardy

This is a bulletin board that I have set up in my classroom. The bulletin board resembles Jeopardy. There are five different categories the students are able to choose from. Under each category, there are four different pockets ranging from $100 to $400. In each of those pockets, there are task cards that apply to the category above. At the moment, I have about 6 different task cards in each pocket. By doing this, we are able to constantly use the board without duplicating problems we have already gone over. This allows us to consistently use the bulletin board for the entire month.

The thing I like most about the bulletin board is that you can use it in so many different ways. We use it during whole group, in teams, individually, or in small groups. For whole group, we play whenever we have extra time. I like to see how much money we can earn in the little time we have. The students love it as well. For fun, I sometimes try to make a competition between classes or trying to beat our previous amount. In teams, I use it just as you would with Jeopardy. The students love competing with one another. I always see competition as a great way to learn!

When answering the task cards, I make sure to either explain the answers myself or have the team explain. I use task cards that have multiple choice answers, so in order to get the points, they must explain their thinking.

Overall, having fun is a great way to review yearly material. The more engaged your students are, the more likely they will learn!

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