Teacher Interventions – DIY Crate for Organizing TEKS

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Teacher interventions might be one of the most important parts of your day. This is the time to make sure that some of those specific students are receiving the extra help they need. I have spent years trying to figure out the best way to work my interventions. However, I finally found a process that works for my students and me.

I have an entire crate for teacher interventions.

Inside this crate, I have any and every piece of information you might need to know about my students’ academic abilities. There are hanging file folders that represent each TEK category the students learn in third grade. Inside of each of those hanging folders, I have folders labeled for each specific TEK in that category.

The folders, labeled by individual TEK, have an X on the left pocket and a check mark on the right pocket. Based off of student data, I have worksheets for each student that has not yet mastered that TEK.

The first worksheet they receive in small group is a basic skill sheet for that specific TEK. My first goal is to check for mastery of the skill before moving on to application. If the students are able to master the skill, their paper goes into the right pocket. If not, their page stays on the left. I make notes on their paper to remind me of the things we need to work on.

If they master the skill, they move to the right side. I then have a worksheet for them that requires them to apply the skill. Application is a much more difficult concept. Once again, I choose which side their paper goes to. If they move to the right, I know that they must have made careless mistakes. If not, I know where and what I need to work on with them.

Inside the crate, I also have an intervention binder.

The first page of the binder is a list of all of the third grade TEKS or objectives. I keep it here as a quick reference during small groups. If you would like a copy of third grade TEKS, you can go to my Teacherspayteachers shop and grab one here, for free!

The next few pages consist of a tracking sheet, by reporting category. This is where I keep track of which TEKS my students are either struggling with or have successfully mastered.

You are also able to get a copy of this as well. Download it here.

The rest of the binder is basic data I have collected from the students. This includes Mock data, school assessments, district assessments, or class assessments. Everything you need is in one place!

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