Thanksgiving Traditions: DIY Kid’s Pillowcase Leading to the Holiday

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I’ve decided I’m going to make my daughter pillowcases for every holiday or special occasion.  I’m super excited to add a pre-Thanksgiving pillowcase to our small list of Thanksgiving traditions.

Our Existing Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanks to being the parents of two small kids, our Thanksgiving traditions really haven’t been established yet.  I just haven’t had a whole lot of time to sit down and come up with great ideas!

We do eat Thanksgiving dinner with my family and spend the day with them.  There is usually some football involved.  (In the South, that seems to be the thing to do over Thanksgiving weekend! My daughters are too young for football, though.)

I really am making a concerted effort to pick up some new traditions for my family though, and my first addition is the creation of Thanksgiving pillowcases.

Sewing Holiday Pillowcases

I started this plan earlier this year with her Easter pillowcase.   Then I followed up with a Fourth of July pillowcase, a Back to School pillowcase, and most recently a Halloween pillowcase.

As I mentioned in these posts, a few weeks before the holiday or event rolls around, I plan to get the pillowcase out and let my older daughter sleep on it until the holiday itself. I’m hoping this will help her be even more excited for the upcoming holiday as well as give her a concept of timing. For example, Valentine’s Day happens after Christmas, and then comes Easter, etc.

Our Thanksgiving Pillowcase

Now that it’s November and Halloween has passed, it’s time to get out the Thanksgiving pillowcase.  I feel that Thanksgiving is sometimes the forgotten holiday, given that it’s squished between Halloween and Christmas, both being big deals commercially.  I want to make it a favorite holiday in our family though because the message of thankfulness is so important.

I’m also a Thanksgiving baby, so I have a special place in my heart for Thanksgiving!  (Although as a child, I never once got to celebrate my birthday on a school day.  Super sad!)

I’m having my daughter rock a Thanksgiving pillowcase right now, though!  Here it is:

Aren’t the little turkeys cute?  I got the Gobble ’til You Wobble fabric from JOANN.  Locally, I’ve found them to have the best selection for seasonal fabrics.  Many of their seasonal fabrics are available all year long as well.

As with all my other pillowcases, I used the measurements and instructions for this DIY pillowcase tutorial here.  Very easy to follow!  My pillowcases were each completed in about 5 minutes, and no fancy seams required.


Hope you are all getting as excited for Thanksgiving as we are!  What other Thanksgiving traditions do you have?