Best Potty Training Picture Books For Boys And Girls

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I have heard so many different stories about some boys being difficult to potty train. I thought my son would immediately get into being able to go on the big boy potty. However, my high hopes of being one of those parents that say they potty trained their kids in a weekend quickly vanished. My son was definitely not going to be one of those.

A little while after my son turned two, we decided we would start working on the potty training.  Gradually at first, and then more of a push as the months passed by.  I tried every single trick in the book. I bought a Mickey Mouse potty for him because, at the time, Mickey was his favorite thing in the entire world. He sat on it for hours and hours because the noise the flush made was super cool and…nothing. He even picked out his own big boy Mickey underwear.

I tried offering snacks as a reward. We even attempted the whole goldfish in the potty and needing to help him swim strategy. We went as far as giving him extra fluids in hopes of him needing to potty so bad that he would just luckily go in the toilet. Despite our best efforts, he hadn’t purposefully, let alone accidentally, gone potty in the toilet yet.

So, after our failed attempts, I decided to bring in the big guns…books! Within just a few weeks, my son was completely potty trained. Well, except for nights. He’s almost four and we still have trouble with him waking up to potty. However, that’s a completely different story. Advice is always welcome!

I’ve decided to put together some of the best potty training books for toddlers.  The list includes the ones that worked for my son as well as a few that I’ve been reading with my daughter.  We aren’t quite ready to fully potty train her, but it’s never too early to start reading! She has, however, understood the concept of pottying for what seems like forever thanks to these books. It also probably doesn’t hurt that she has an older brother to look up to.

Here are some of the best potty training books for toddlers:

1. Once Upon A Potty

This potty training book is an oldie but goodie.   I remember reading this one when I was little.  For whatever reason, I really only remember the little girl pooping in the potty. It obviously had a big impact on me. Not to mention, it is super cool that you can choose a girl or boy version of the book. This book takes the anatomical approach to potty training some kids really need.

2. Potty Time With Elmo

This interactive potty training book is always a great go-to. For some reason, the kids just love pushing the Elmo button to hear him say, “Elmo can use the potty!” There are other sounds as well such as washing hands and flushing the toilet, both very important things for kids to remember after doing their business.  Be forewarned though, these sounds can get annoying quick if your kids love them as much as mine do!

We also like that it’s a quick book so we can easily read it more than once before bedtime.  In the story, Elmo and his doll, baby David, are learning to use the potty together and end up getting to pick out big kid underwear in the end.

3. The Princess and the Potty or The Princess of the Potty

Because my daughter is a huge princess fan, a princess potty training book is always appreciated by her!

One of my favorite potty training books for girls is the Princess and the Potty.  This storybook uses a little bit of humor to encourage potty training. In this story, the king and queen just can’t seem to find a potty that pleases the stubborn princess. In addition to a great story line, the book is filled with vibrant pictures.

The Princess of the Potty is another princess-themed potty training book for girls that my daughter enjoyed reading.  It chronicles a girl who realizes she still goes potty in her diaper, which feels gross and squishy.  All the people around her like her parents, her grandparents, and even her friends use the potty and wear underwear.  After her parents buy her a royal throne, she ultimately becomes potty trained (after a few tries and accidents) and becomes “Princess of the Potty!”

 4. Diapers Are Not Forever

These behavior series books have had a special place in our household. They are the best basic, short potty training books you can find. There aren’t many words, and they are straight to the point. Teeth Are Not For Biting and Words Are Not For Hurting have been life savers in our home and this book is no different.

Since it is basic, this potty training board book is aimed towards younger children who are looking to start using the bathroom.  If you have a toddler who’s a little older and understands more, you might be better picking a little more advanced book.

5. Everyone Poops

This is another favorite potty training book in our house. We love bodily humor around here so this fits right in.  (Remember my Have a Nice Poop! bathroom sign?)

My son still cracks up seeing this book. Something about the word poop is hilarious. This is a lighthearted book that is great to lighten the mood and pressure of potty training your child.  It shows how since everyone eats, everyone poops.  It also goes into a little more detail about how different animals poop in a very matter of fact way.  Some people may be offended by some of the images, but not us!


And those are the favorite potty training books in our house right now.  What potty training techniques have worked best for you?  Any other recommendations of what to add to our list of best potty training books for toddlers?

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