Have a Nice Poop Sign – Free Printable for Bathroom

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We’ve been looking to remodel our very 1990’s master bathroom, which is currently complete with ivory shell sinks and powder pink tile. It’s a sight to behold and something that needs to be updated desperately. While browsing Pinterest for options for our big remodel, I was also inspired to revamp our powder bathroom! Since this bathroom is already in pretty good shape, any updates are quick and easy such as adding this awesomely embarrassing “Have a Nice Poop” sign.

So as much as I hate to admit it, we enjoy bodily humor in our family. Sadly enough, our guest bathroom already includes two excellent books for guest reading pleasure to pass the time: What’s Your Poo Telling You? and What’s My Pee Telling Me?

I learned about these books from some guy friends in college, and they’ve been a part of our household since my husband and I married. They’re great conversations starters or ice breakers when people come over to the house and have to use the restroom. As a doctor, I can also appreciate how medically thorough and interesting these books are! I’ve honestly learned a lot about bodily functions while reading them. And hey, in this technologically driven world where the go-to entertainment for a good bathroom trip is a cell phone, this provides a tech-free option for guests who need to spend a little longer in the bathroom and are too embarrassed to bring their cell phones in with them.

Why We Needed a Have a Nice Poop Sign

I’ve been wanting to add a little more personality to the guest powder bathroom. I already have the cute wall hanger outside the bathroom, but I decided a “Have a Nice Poop” sign would be so fun! In such an amazingly awkward way.

I like the idea of a chalkboard looking background with big white capital letters. I also wanted a bold frame color to contrast with the sign, so I painted an old frame I had lying around. See, here’s the ugly before picture.

I think the bright yellow looks much better and provides a nice contrast to the black chalkboard look of the print.

So this brings me to…want one of your own signs to provide your own special experience to guests? Print one from us! Here’s the Have a Nice Poop free printable in .pdf:

Have a Nice Poop!

(As a note, this .pdf document prints on an 8.5×11″ paper. Thus, if you have an 8×10″ frame like I did, you will have to trim a little bit off to fit. And as usual, these are for personal, not commercial, use only.)

Happy bathroom redecorating!  Enjoy your free Have a Nice Poop sign!

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