DIY: Birthday Chalkboard Sign for Kids

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For me, birthdays are one of the most exciting and stressful parts of the year. I always want everything to be perfect! Recently, my son turned three and my daughter turned one. Since their birthdays are only two days apart, I had to plan two birthday parties at the same time. I did their birthday parties two days in a row. I am an advocate for each of them getting their own parties. It isn’t their fault mommy gave birth to them the same month of the year. I wanted each of them to be the center of attention at one point. Not to mention, one is a HUGE milestone and this was the first birthday my son actually knew was happening. Since I had two parties to plan for, I had quite a bit of crafting to do! Stay tuned for future posts of how the parties turned out!

One of the first things I made was a chalkboard sign all about the kids. Super easy, cheap, and adorable. I have always seen people selling templates of chalkboard signs you can print off. However, I figured it would be much for fun to create it myself. Turns out, it really was! Here’s how I made it.

Materials for DIY 1st Birthday Board:

  • Chalkboard
  • Stencils
  • Chalkboard Markers
  • Pencil

How To Make a Birthday Chalkboard:

Since baby girl’s colors were gold and pink for her party, I painted the border a sparkly gold color. Then, I used stencils to outline her name up at the top. For the rest of it, I just free-handed. I used a pencil to write first and then went over it with the chalkboard  markers. Overall, not too bad. Everyone loved it and I have something fun to commemorate her first year!

My favorite part of this whole project was that I was able to use it for my son as well. I didn’t plan on doing it for my son, but I had the best idea. I flipped it over, and did the exact same thing on the other side. No one even noticed it was the same chalkboard. SO much fun! I painted his green because he had a monster party. However, you could do whatever you want. Now, I have something for both of the kids. It was such a great addition and conversation starter at their parties.

See how their parties went at the links here: Monster birthday party and pink and gold birthday party.