Last Minute DIY Christmas Ornaments From Kids

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Sometimes I have the hardest time buying Christmas gifts for people. Especially those people who either already have everything or the one who just buys whatever they want for themselves.

I always try so hard to be thoughtful on gifts. However, I always end up last minute trying to grab whatever I can find because I spent too much of my time trying to find the perfect gift. Anyways, one of my first go-to thoughtful gift ideas for Christmas is a DIY ornament. This is always a great idea. If you make them DIY Christmas ornaments for kids to craft, it’s even better!

This year, we decided to only buy gifts for the children. It takes a lot of stress off everyone trying to find gifts for one another and instead just worrying about the kids. They are the ones that have that wonderful Christmas spirit anyway.

My son was a little upset we weren’t getting my mom a gift, so I tried thinking of something that was minimal and easy to do. Hence my first go-to thoughtful gift idea.

kid's Christmas ornaments

How to Make DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids

I bought these plain ornaments from Hobby Lobby. I used a 40% off coupon and ended up paying $1.49 for two! I’m considering buying them even cheaper after Christmas and saving some for next year. My son chose the ball shape, but they had a ton of different ones to choose from.

Using a fine permanent marker, I created a string of lights. The kids chose their paint colors and we made fingerprints to represent the lights bulbs. It didn’t take too much time and they turned out pretty cute.

Not only was this a blast for the kids, but I think my mom will love them. I’m actually even considering having the kids make them for my own tree. I’ve always been the one who thinks a tree filled with memories is better than one filled with store-bought ornaments. They might not be as elegant, but they are definitely more fun!

If you are interested in making Christmas ornaments with your children, here’s another quick and easy DIY ornament idea with kids.

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Merry Christmas!