Dresser Makeover DIY: Mint and Gold Nursery Chest of Drawers

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We’ve been working hard to finish our second daughter’s mint green, coral, and gold nursery.  It’s amazing how much less time to get ready for a second child there is compared to getting ready for a first child!  I mean, by the time the mid-pregnancy ultrasound reveals gender, there’s only 4 or so months left to complete ALL the projects.  And weekends are filled with entertaining the first child.  Thus, it’s go time in our household now whenever we have free time!

DIY Dresser Makeover, First Daughter

Back when my first daughter was born, we decorated her nursery in a pink, owl theme.  We took this horribly beat up and out-dated dresser from my husband’s grandmother and made it over into a white dresser with cute pink knobs.  (Check out her dresser makeover tutorial and also see the transformation below!)

We took off the wooden handles on the 4 drawers, and we had to paint over the outdated wood color.  There was some spackling done as well as a few other cosmetic changes.

Chest of Drawers Makeover, Daughter 2

Now that our second daughter is here, she is getting a mint, gold, and coral nursery!  We wanted to use the same dresser since it fits so well in our nursery, so we decided to change the knobs to fit the new color scheme.  Check out our dresser makeover DIY!

First of all, here’s the quilt with the room colors to show you the colors we were wanting to match with the new dresser.

I found several knobs at Hobby Lobby on clearance, which worked perfectly! My sweet husband patiently switched out all the knobs, and I touched up all the nicks in the paint.  I like how each drawer has a different set of knobs.  It gives the room a little bit of a fun, rustic feel!

I’m really thankful we didn’t have to repaint the dresser this time around, because that would have been much more time consuming.  We already felt pressed for time doing just this quick makeover.

The Finished Dresser Makeover

I also love the wall cling that we put up on the wall over the dresser.  It really pulls some of the other colors of the nursery together and generally just looks cute!  What do you think of our dresser makeover DIY project?