Free Dobby: Missing Socks Organization

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Soon after we moved into our new house, I made this Free Dobby sign.  I want to share this way to organize socks with you today! It’s easy to make and is a fun addition to our laundry room.

I had been looking forever for a way to organize missing socks. Up until crafting this hanger, whenever I had a lonely sock without a mate, I would stuff it in a drawer or stick it back in the laundry hamper to see if the next week its fellow sock made its way through the laundry.

Occasionally it would, but more often than not, I would end up with a lot of lonely socks that kept getting washed over and over again. I had seen sock hangers in the store and online to help keep track of single socks, and I wanted one.  But seriously, who has up to 50$ to buy a premade sock hanger like this on Etsy? I decided to make my own, and it only cost $7!

We Love Harry Potter

We are a definite Harry Potter-loving family, so incorporating Harry Potter into our house seemed like such a great idea!  We’ve seen all the movies countless times, read all the books until they’re worn along the spine, and even been to some book and movie midnight releases in our early 20’s.  (Before children, since now staying up until 2-3am is my personal idea of torture!)

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Supplies to Make a Free Dobby Sign

This was so simple to make too. I bought a wooden plaque from a local craft supply store, a container of sample paint from Lowe’s, and clothespins from Dollar Tree.  I had some foam scrapbook letters around the house already, which was great.

How to Make This DIY Laundry Sign

I first put a few coats of paint on the wooden plaque.  After painting the plaque, I let it dry overnight and then glued on the clothespins.  Since I had foam letters already laying around from scrapbooking, I then stuck those on the painted wood.   They didn’t hold very well at first, so I did have to put a little bit of glue under them.

After this, all I had left to do was hang our unmatched socks. Now, I always know where all the lonely socks are when I need to find matches or add another!  We have definitely been enjoying our Free Dobby sign!

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