Keeping and Organizing Greeting Cards for All Occasions: Binding, Boxes, and Card Keepers

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I am the world’s worst pack rat. (As an aside, a pack rat is actually a type of rat. Who knew?) My mom kept every card I ever got up until the age of 5, and so far I’ve continued to keep all my cards as well as those for my daughters.  Here are some way of organizing greeting cards to keep things from getting too messy!

Organize Greeting Cards In A Book

My mom stored my baby cards in this lovely 80’s style book. I mean, she kept my Valentine’s Day cards, Easter cards, and even Halloween cards!

Cards 30+ years ago were wayyyy larger than they are now too. Here are a couple of the pages. Remember the Care Bears?

Organizing Cards in Plastic Tubs

I kind of got into the habit of saving all my old cards too. Here’s how I’ve decided to store most of mine. I have several 6 quart plastic bins that I’ve been filling with cards. I put holiday cards and thank you notes in one bin and then birthday cards in another bin. My dear aunt decided when I turned 30 to send me a card every day for the 30 days leading up to my birthday, so I pretty much filled an entire bin with just the cards from my 30th birthday.

Organizing Greeting Cards with Binder Clips

Whenever I have an event (like our wedding or our optometry school graduation) where we receive many cards, I like to put them together in bulk to save. I cut two scrapbook card stock papers to the size of the largest card and then double hole punch the card stock as well as each of the cards. I then use two binding rings to secure all the cards together. Here are two examples!


Using a Greeting Card Organizer

When baby girl was born, I decided to also start saving all of her cards in the event they one day have sentimental value to her. I use this greeting card keeper, which has worked its purpose so far since she doesn’t have a lot of cards needing saving! I like how there are several dividers to keep the different occasions separated.

So if the e-card ever truly does replace the traditional greeting card, then we will have these antique relics saved!  Do you keep cards? And if so, any storage tips?

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