Craft Room Closet Organization Ideas

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For the first time in a really long time, my craft closet is organized, and I’m so excited about it!

So, I want to show it off while it still looks good!

Having my craft supplies organized allows me to find supplies easily, and through the craft room organization process, I rediscovered so many “oldies but goodies” that have inspired some future crafts.

craft room organization ideas for closet

The Finished Craft Closet View

craft closet

I love organizing items into boxes, bins, and all sorts of containers.

Everything has a proper place, and there is no mess on the floor…meaning I can actually walk in the closet to get to everything!

And everything has a beautiful label to tell me what’s inside.

Craft Room Organization Ideas Craft Room Organization Ideas (1200 × 630 px)

How to organize crafting ribbons

organize ribbons

Like so many other people, I used a pants hanger for part of my ribbon collection.

I then got two cute ribbon boxes from Hobby Lobby to organize another part of the ribbons.  T

o the right of the boxes is a large plastic jar that holds all my fake crafting flowers.

ribbon organizer
I have two 3-drawer plastic bins stacked on top of each other also on the right side of the closet.

Since I have so many ribbons, I have the entire first drawer of the bins filled with ribbons.

Within the drawer, I used sandwich and gallon plastic bags and a little plastic bin to keep each themed ribbon together.

From the large collection of pink ribbons at the top right, you can tell at my baby shower we knew we were having a girl!

How to organize fabric

organized fabric

I also like to have my smaller pieces of fabric organized in one of the big drawers.

folded fabric

Within the drawers, I have the fabric folded in photo boxes I like to buy when they are on a good sale at Michael’s.

folding fabric in two pieces

In my actual craft room, I have more folded and rolled fabric of the larger yardages. You can check out all those pictures in my post on how to fold fabric!

How to organize paints

organized paints

My paints and all associated supplies are stored in the third drawer. The long white organizer came from Dollar Tree.

How to organize stickers, glitter, and scrapbook supplies

glitter and scrapbook supply organization

The next drawer in the bin is my glitter, sticker, and miscellaneous scrapbook supplies drawer.

sticker organization
The stickers all fit perfectly in this folding accordion sticker holder from Hobby Lobby.

knickknack organizer
Little knickknacks for scrapbooking are collected in these two small craft organizers.

chalkboard labels organized

I love the chalkboard labels that I have here. I’ve used them so many times, most recently at my daughter’s baby dedication party.

You can pick up craft organizers at any craft store, and occasionally Dollar Tree will have some small ones on a deal!

glitter collection

On the left of the drawer is my glitter collection.  It is housed in an old cassette organizer! Just pretend like a few of the glitters weren’t out of place when I took this picture.

The last two drawers are just where I like to store my denim and old clothes that I like to keep for when I’m feeling crafty enough to upcycle.

Now that my craft room closet it organized, I’ll be able to find things more easily. And thus complete more projects, I hope!

How to organize decorative papers

organize decorative papers

On the floor of the closet, I like to have all my 8.5″x11″ papers organized in magazine holders.

papers organized

These are so totally from the 1990’s!  I upcycled some FLYT magazine files for my daughter’s craft room organization, but I kept the old-school ones for myself.

craft organizer
In the middle of the closet, I have this colored drawer set that I picked up from Michael’s.

It holds all sorts of goodies and small items.  Check out just a couple of the drawers below.

How to organize embroidery floss

I picked up this embroidery floss box from Hobby Lobby on a good clearance, and it perfectly fits all my cross-stitching threads.

embroidery floss organizer more embroidery floss

How to store yarn

yarn storage ideas

yarn stored

All my yarn is in another drawer of the multi-colored drawer set.

stamp organizer

Here are some of my stamps and markers.  I got the little pink organizing open-face bin from Dollar Tree in a set.

three drawer system
Lastly, I have two smaller 3-drawer systems holding other crafty items.

greeting card organizer
I’ve posted before on how I’ve organized my greeting cards.

card organizer more cards more cards
I also keep my scrapbook papers in a 3-tier small drawer that also holds my scrapbook stickers and glues.

scrapbook papers
It’s really convenient having these plastic scrapbook storage boxes also to keep projects and small items in.  They stack nicely on top of the multi-colored drawer.

plastic bins
I’ve organized all my threads into a thread holder I got from JOANN.

button organizer

And last but not least, I’ve already posted on buttons organization  Check it out!

I’m sure the craft room organization will only last for a little while since I’m not always the best about cleaning up after myself, and my craft collection is constantly expanding.

For now, though, I will be excited that things are organized and ready for me to craft with!