DIY Kid’s Christmas Pillowcase: Holiday Pillowcases-Fun Tradition!

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As a fun tradition, I’ve decided I’m going to make my daughter pillowcases for every holiday or special occasion.  I started this plan earlier this year with her Easter pillowcase.   Then I followed up with a Fourth of July pillowcase, a Back to School pillowcase, a Halloween pillowcase, and even a Thanksgiving pillowcase!  It’s now time for a kid’s Christmas pillowcase in preparation for Christmas!

The Christmas Pillowcase Tradition

As I mentioned in these other posts, a few weeks before the holiday or event rolls around, I plan to get the appropriate pillowcase out and let her sleep on it until the day of. I’m hoping this will help her be even more excited for the upcoming holiday as well as give her a concept of timing. For example, Christmas comes after Thanksgiving but before Valentine’s Day, etc.

Each of these pillowcases I’ve sewn myself.  Making pillowcases is such an easy sewing project, but if you’re not wanting to sew your own, you can just buy a kid’s Christmas pillowcase instead.  It’s not necessarily how the pillowcase came to be, but rather that it is there as a part of your Christmas traditions.

Our Daughter’s Christmas Pillowcase

Now that the holidays have snuck upon us, it’s time to get out her Christmas pillowcase before it gets too late!  I also can’t believe I’ve been doing this for almost a full year.  This means, I’m almost done with all my pillowcases soon.  I’m thinking a Valentine’s Day one for sure and then maybe something for Spring Break or St. Patrick’s Day?  I’m still on the fence!

My daughter is loving her kid’s Christmas pillowcase right now, though!  Here it is:

I got my fabric from JOANN, and it’s the best quality fabric of all my pillowcase fabrics so far.  While this isn’t the most stereotypical red and green Christmas pillowcase, it does have puppies on it.  Which is exactly what my older daughter loves!

Sewing Instructions

As with all my other pillowcases, I used the measurements and instructions for this DIY pillowcase tutorial here.  I’ve become a pro with making these pillowcases now.  I can practically sew them in my sleep!


Hope you are all getting as excited for Christmas as we are!  Holiday blessings to you and your family!