Noodle Art Mosaic Project – Easy Kid’s Craft Idea With Pasta

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After finding a ton of expired lasagna noodles in the pantry, this kid’s mosaic noodle art project was born! The beauty of this kid’s craft idea is that it can be done in a pinch with items around the house. It’s also an inexpensive craft for preschoolers.

Here’s how to inspire your kids to create their own noodle art!

Kid's Lasagna Noodle Mosaic Art

Noodle Art Materials:

First, you’ll need to gather all your materials for this pasta art project:

  • Noodles, of course! We used two different brands of lasagna noodles that were in the pantry.
  • Construction paper, cardboard, or card stock. Anything paper will work as a backing.
  • Glue: liquid works best, in my opinion!
  • Markers, if desired, to color the noodles after gluing

Here’s a picture of the two types of lasagna noodles I used for this preschool art project.  There were the darker tan ones as well as the lighter white ones.  Having a variety of noodle colors and textures makes this art project more fun!  If you have forethought, you can dye the noodles following this tutorial so you’ll have a variety of vibrant colors.  This was an on-the-fly art idea, so I used the noodles plain and had my preschoolers color them with markers afterward.

How to Make Pasta Art Mosaics:

This project is a simple invitation-to-create type of craft.   No need to do much for preparation.  Just let the kids create their own art!

I didn’t trust my daughters to break the noodles into pieces themselves, because I was just not in the mood for cleaning up a huge mess. So, I first broke them into pieces by myself. The great thing about abstract art like this is that the pieces don’t have to be uniform in shape, color, or texture. The finished noodle art mosaic looks so much cooler with all the variety.

After setting out the broken pieces of lasagna noodles, I gave each daughter a bottle of glue. I encouraged them to select pasta pieces and glue directly on the back of the noodle. Then, I had them stick the noodles to the construction paper.  (I ended up putting the glue on my younger daughter’s noodles myself because things were starting to get a little messy!)

After my kids completed their noodle art masterpieces, we let them dry for a few hours. Here are the finished pasta mosaics.  My older daughter made the art on the blue construction paper.

lasagna noodle art

At this point, the girls wanted to color their noodles with markers. I told them, “Sure, why not?” They spent another 30 minutes carefully drawing shapes on the noodle mosaic and coloring patterns.  (I’m not including pictures of these colored works of art because, well, they aren’t near as pretty!)

Nonetheless, we hung the finished product up on their hall art display. They have such pride when I display their art for everyone to see!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this kid’s noodle art craft idea and it will inspire your preschoolers to create pasta mosaics as well!