Kid’s Art Display: IKEA Hack with FORSYNT and RIKTIG

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I’ve seen a lot of Pinterest pins that show using the IKEA DIGNITET curtain wire and RIKTIG curtain clips to make a kid’s art display.  I recently made my Mom an over-the-door children’s art display, but I have been looking for an idea for my house now.  Hence this FORSYNT hack!

I needed somewhere to hang all my daughter’s art!

Ever since my daughter started her mother’s day out program, I’ve been the recipient of way too much art that I don’t know what to do with!  Some of it’s good art, and some of it sees the trash as soon as my daughter goes to bed.

For the good art, I needed a way to display some of it!  My daughter really wanted an art wall so she could look at her creations.  I do have a box where I store most of her art, but it’s cute that the aspiring artist in her wants it displayed.  As a first time mom, I’m still a little in love with all the different ways her teachers can turn her handprints into animals, etc that I wasn’t going to say no to getting to see those art pieces hung up!

I was originally going to make a kid’s art display using the DIGNITET AND RIKTIG system, but those DIGNITET‘s get expensive quick!  I was looking for other ways to copycat that hack but not spend as much money.  While browsing the IKEA website, I found a new curtain wire product, the FORSYNT.  It’s only 5$ compared with the DIGNITET’s 15$.  Much more affordable considering the RIKTIG are only 3$ for a set of 24.  For a total of 8$, I was able to make this display.  Read on for how to make your own display with this IKEA FORSYNT hack.

Super Simple DIY Kid’s Art Disply Using FORSYNT:

It basically involved hanging the FORSYNT on the wall and then attaching the RIKTIG clips to the wire.  The RIKTIG clips had little hooks on the top that will hang perfectly over the wires.

Hanging the FORSYNT was not as easy to do as the instructions led me to believe, but I accomplished it without the help of my husband.  It took about 15 minutes to figure it all out.

After the display was done, all I had left to do was pick some of my favorite art pieces and display them.  I put the display in the hall in our house since we didn’t have any decorations on those walls yet.  It’s also right outside my daughter’s door, so she loves to look at her art and say, “Kathryn made that!”  It’s just too sweet.

Check out some pictures of the finished art display with the art hanging:

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  1. Cool setup. How did you adjust the string on the forsynt? I’m stumped and there’s no videos or anything on how to.

    1. It’s been a long time since I did this project so I dont remember much! I think pressing the button on the top loosened it. Maybe screwing from the bottom tightened it?

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