Library Themed Snacks for Bookworm or Book Birthday Party

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Baby girl finally turned two last week!

I’d been preparing for her party for probably 6 months before the actual event, so I was ready for go time.

I had made and sent the book invitations weeks before, and I had also already prepared all the decorations and games.

On the day of the party, all I had to do was prepare the library-themed snacks! (Last year I threw my daughter a princess party complete with themed food, so I wanted to do themed food again for this year’s book birthday party.)

Check out these book-themed snacks for a bookworm birthday party!

Book Themed Party (1)

Master List of Library-Themed Snacks

I’ll start with main dishes, follow up with sides, and then end with desserts and more!

Main Dishes

green eggs and ham sandwiches

First off, I started with Green Egg Sandwiches and Ham (and Cheese) Sandwiches to go with the book Green Eggs and Ham.

I made the egg salad green by adding avocado–it tasted great!

clifford big red dog pizza
The other main dish was Pupperoni (and cheese also) Pizzas based on Clifford the Big Red Dog.

These were just frozen pizzas, so score one for an easy dish without a lot of prep.

Book-Related Snacks and Sides

brown bear teddy grahams

I had Chocolate Teddy Grahams to go with the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Goodnight Moon _Red Balloon_ Veggie Tray
I also made a red balloon using cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes based on the book Goodnight Moon.
For the bowl full of mush, I used premade dip courtesy of Kroger.  I’m all for premade stuff when available.
runaway bunny carrots

Next, to add more vegetables to the meal, I added a plate of carrots for the Runaway Bunny.

the eye book snacks
As eye doctors, my husband and I promote all eye-related books, so we had to include The Eye Book by Dr. Seuss.

To make “eyes,” I started with Ritz crackers and added flavored cream cheese (chive worked well!) and ended with an olive.


Technically, can you have a black iris? Well, no…but that didn’t stop me from embracing this super cool eyeball anyway.

Book Themed Desserts

moo baa lala book snack

First off, I made chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies to look like cow patties and paired them with the book Moo Baa La La La.

While I used an old family recipe, here is a recipe that has similar ingredients.

belly button book snacks
The first body part my daughter could ever name was her belly button. Seriously.

She thus took great joy in reading the The Belly Button Book over and over and over.

It really is a cute book, and we love almost any book by Sandra Boynton.

Here are some cookies with Hershey’s drops in the center to look like belly buttons.

Book-Themed Beverage Ideas

fancy nancy punch

While my daughter isn’t super into Fancy Nancy yet, I still think the book is adorable.

Hence, the fuschia punch as our beverage.

I used this recipe to make a tasty pineapple strawberry punch.

I was running short on time and didn’t puree the strawberries, and alas, my punch was not super fuschia. You win some, you lose some as a parent, and this was sort of a loss.

Book Birthday Cake

make your own book cake!

For the cake, I made a book birthday cake out of two 9×13 vanilla cakes that I had frosted together on top of each other.

book birthday cake

I cut off parts of the top of the cake to make the indentation in the center of the book.

Naturally, I ate most of what I cut out almost immediately. Sigh.

book cake open
Since I’m not the world’s greatest cake decorator, I opted not to do a fondant sheet on top of the book cake because it would be just my luck that I screwed it up right before the party and ended up with no cake at all.

So I did what I do best and frosted that book cake with store-bought frosting.

frosted book cake
Anyway, after I frosted the book cake, I used a pink pouch of premade fondant to make a K and a few little hearts.

I added a premade Wilton written decoration to the top of the cake to make it look a little more like a book.

library cake

The big part of the decoration was broken between the a and the y, but I still made it work.

And those are all the library-themed snacks for her book birthday party!

In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to work on getting some more details of the rest of her party posted.

For now, here’s a link to the library and book decorations I made for her party, some ideas for book-themed party favors, and library party guest activities!