Old Book Pages Decorations for Library Birthday Party

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For my daughter’s second birthday, I threw her a library birthday party and set around to making several decorations.  Since the party was going to be based around books, I wanted to use old book pages for several of the decorations.

Table Book Decorations

The first decoration that I put together was using three books, a book themed coffee mug, and a small fake flower to make a centerpiece at one of the guest tables.

Old Book Page Crafts

Another craft with old book pages was this great Mod Podge wooden letter using a book page.  I have the quick tutorial available if you’re wanting to craft one yourself!

The island where the food was served had old book page doilies underneath each of the plates or bowls.  As an aside, I think every party needs a fun beverage dispenser!  (I started using this one with my daughter’s baby dedication party, and it’s been a part of every party since then!)

I also made a cute Chapter 2 banner using old book pages, glue, paints, stencils, twine, and a little bit of glitter glue.  It turned out well, although my daughter kept wanting to grab up and pull it off the island the whole party.

Other Decorations

I used a simple pink poster board to make an outline of a book in permanent marker.  Then, I cut out pictures of my daughter from this last year to make a book-shaped collage.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the finished product, but it was super cute!

For everyone’s beverages, instead of having them write their name on the side of the cup, I made “This Drink Belongs To:” labels out of address labels.  While it’s hard to tell in the picture, the bottom of every label has a line of books on it in reference to “This Book Belongs To:” labels inside of books.

And that’s a few of the decorations from the party!  What do you think?  Want to read the other posts from this party?  Check them out here: