Mod Podge Project Gift Idea – Glass Trivet with Fabric + DIY Potholder

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My cousin is a huge Dallas Stars fan.

Most of his wardrobe is Dallas Stars gear, and most of his dorm room decorations are as well. I

wanted to make him something fun for his birthday that he could use when he moved into an apartment this year after graduation. I also wanted to incorporate the Dallas Stars somehow into a gift idea.

While perusing the aisles at Dollar Tree, I came upon the glass aisle, and my creative gears started working.

I’d seen several ideas to Mod Podge a glass plate with fabric, but I really wasn’t sure what he would do with something like that. T

hen, I saw a clear glass trivet! How perfect would it be to turn that into a Dallas Stars trivet with some fabric?

Time for my next Mod Podge project.

This simple Mod Podge project took less than 15 minutes of active time and was so easy! (There was a lot of drying time in there though where I just left it and returned later.) Here’s how I did it:

Glass Trivet Upcycle Supplies:

  • Glass trivet (You can find them at Amazon if you can’t find at Dollar Tree.)
  • X-acto Knife
  • Mod Podge and brush
  • Fabric
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Super glue

How To Make Your Own Trivet:

First, remove the rubber feet from the bottom of the trivet using the X-acto knife.  Mine came right off without any sticky residue.

Save them for later. Then, wash the trivet well to make sure there are no fingerprints on it.  Make sure to dry it well, too, so it is a beautifully clean surface.  Turn the trivet where the usable side is facing down on the table and the side that used to have the rubber feet on is up. Brush a thin, uniform layer of Mod Podge onto the trivet. Place the fabric (you can cut it roughly to size now or wait until later) right side down onto the trivet and put another layer of Mod Podge. This takes a little bit of finesse. Make sure there are no bubbles in the Mod Podge or wrinkles on the fabric, or it will dry funny. I like to use my finger and smooth everything over, especially the edges.

Let the trivet dry for a while, about 10 or so minutes. At this stage, I cut the edges of the fabric close to the sides of the trivet. While the Mod Podge was a little wet still, I was able to reapply pressure around the edges of the fabric to get it to stick down again. After, apply a second layer. Dry, and apply a third layer.

Once it’s all dry, reapply the rubber feet with super glue.

To go with the trivet, I also made a fabric potholder loosely using this tutorial. This is my second potholder (first one was the cow print potholder!), and I feel like it turned out great considering I’m an amateur seamstress!

Check it out:  Here’s the two items together and a few other pictures!

I hope My cousin loves his gift!