Masking Tape Craft to Teach Preschoolers Their Names

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We have a lot of free time here during the week to do LOTS of crafts.  My oldest daughter is such a crafty child-I love it! Right now, she is really into Scotch tape and masking tape crafts. So much so that she asked if Santa could bring her her own roll of tape.  That and a blue flower that hung from her ceiling with a penny on it.  Yeah, I know.  My daughter has a wild imagination!

I was thinking of ways to use masking tape that would be more than just waste, so I came up with this fun preschool craft to help teach my toddler the letters in her name.  It was a huge hit and entertained her for about 15 minutes!  We also did her middle and last name after her first!

Here’s how to set up this activity!

Masking Tape Craft Supplies

There aren’t that many supplies that you’ll need! Here they are:

  • Construction paper or cardstock
  • Permanent marker
  • Masking tape and scissors (if you don’t want to tear the tape by hand)

How to Teach Letters with Masking Tape

First, take your permanent marker and write out your child’s name. I did all capital letters. My daughter recognizes capital letters better, and capitals letters tend to be less curvy so they’re easier to follow the lines with masking tape.  Here’s her name spelled out on some orange construction paper.

The hardest part of this craft as a parent is having to make all the small pieces of masking tape. Our tape was practically ancient, so it tore really well luckily. Because I’m not a precise person when it comes to crafting with my kids, these masking tape pieces were all shapes and sizes. In an ideal world, they’d all be similar. But, variety is the spice of life, right?

I did go ahead and prepare a lot of masking tape pieces before she started.  I stuck them around one of the Kallax bins in our newly remodeled craft corner.  That way me tearing tape wouldn’t be the rate-limiting step!

I gave my daughter free rein to place the masking tape pieces however she wanted. The only guidance I gave her was to try and cover all the permanent marker lines that made the letters of her name.

It took her about 15 minutes of using her fine motor skills to produce this work of masterpiece!  Check it out below!

Overall, this turned out to be a fun and easy masking tape craft idea that worked well for my preschool daughter to learn the letters in her name!  I hope you enjoyed this idea and feel inspired to create your own masking tape art!  If you liked this post, you also may like my lasagna noodle art mosaic idea!

Teach Preschoolers Names with this Masking Tape Craft