Small Bathroom Makeover: Shelf Organization for Over Toilet Storage

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Going from one child to two children made our small second bathroom an absolute disaster area.  There was just not enough counter space, and storing stuff under (and even sometimes on) the counter was just not far enough from grabby little hands.  We really needed a small bathroom makeover.  And fast!

Here’s what our tiny bathroom looked like before we started the makeover.

Notice how there is no wall storage at all and such a waste of space over the toilet.

We needed some vertical wall storage and fast!  Since we have decided our family is complete now, we decided to just go ahead and redecorate the whole bathroom while making more storage space! Score for getting to pick our girly stuff for our two girls!

Shelves for Over the Toilet Organization

Ultimately, we decided three shelves above the toilet would do the trick for holding all the goodies we needed for both girls.  We bought the wood shelves themselves from World Market and then got the shelf brackets from Lowe’s where they were much cheaper than at World Market.  My dear husband spent an entire afternoon carefully measuring and putting up the shelves like a pro!

I spent an entire week then searching for the perfect baskets and bins to hold stuff on the shelves.  Here’s the finished bathroom redo:

A little bit closer look at the over the toilet storage space now:

And even closer:

The top shelf I found some great bins at Hobby Lobby and glued wooden letters on denoting which girl’s basket was which.  Since we like to change into pajamas immediately after bath to discourage any naked house running, we keep the pajamas in the bathroom for close access!

The middle shelf holds several of the bath time toys as well as medicines and toothpastes.

The bottom shelf holds the bath washcloths in a cute little bin from Hobby Lobby.  I also took a plain wood crate and decorated it with the word diapers to hold the diapers.  My oldest wears “just in case” pull-ups while the baby has her newborn diapers in there.  Both fit perfectly!

Just to show off my cute bathroom decor, here is another pic of the towel holders and art.  Love it so far!

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