Washable Marker Art with Towels: Simple Craft for Kids – Wash & Reuse

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Toddler towel art is one of my son’s favorite simple crafts!  Why?  Because toddlers love art!  And, I love that this toddler activity is inexpensive, repeatable, and doesn’t require too many supplies.  Thus, I want to share this washable marker art idea with you all.

What do you need for this washable marker art idea?

All you need are markers (make sure they are washable) and old light-colored towels.  You can pick any size towel you want, so there’s no need to go out and buy a certain sized one.  I don’t know about you, but I have always have so many old towels around the house that I never use!  Also, since I am a teacher, I have tons of markers at school and home.  Putting these supplies to good use makes me happy!

If you don’t already have these two simple supplies around your house, it is totally worth the small initial purchase of a white towel and markers.  You can get washable markers at Dollar Tree, and Walmart usually has inexpensive towels.  I’d say your cost would be less than $5 for the supplies total!

Here’s how to do towel art:

There’s not much to this washable marker activity really.  I first put the towel on the floor, and I let my son draw whatever he wants with the markers. He has so much fun! Sometimes, if he finishes one side, I’ll flip it over and let him write on the other side. Once he is done, I take a picture (for me, and for him) and throw it in the washer. All the color comes off and we are able to use it again!

I’ll show you some of our favorite designs to give you some inspiration:

This is one of our favorite designs. I create a path for him to drive his cars on. He’s such a boy! I allow him to use his creativity to tell me what to draw and where. In this instance, he wanted me to create a park. This creates entertainment for hours.

Here is a picture of his free drawing. Give your kid as many washable markers as they want and allow them to draw. In this case, he only chose to use a few colors, but that was his choice. Each time is a little different. The thing I like most about this is that even if he gets it on the carpet, I can clean it up. Washable markers are the best!

What other things can you do with washable markers and towels?

There are so many different activities you could do with this idea. Think of the countless possibilities.  And even though I do this activity specifically with my toddler son, this is a great for kids of any age…homework scratch work, math or reading practice, competitions between kids, learning numbers or writing letters, etc.

Hope this brings a little excitement and enjoyment to your life! Share with me your ideas and pictures!  What other simple crafts for kids do you enjoy?

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