Old Book Page and Doilies Craft – DIY Placemats for Library Party

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I threw my daughter a book and library themed birthday party for her second birthday earlier this year.  In preparation, I began making tons of book page decorations to transform our house into the perfect library atmosphere.

Today, I wanted to give a quick tutorial showing how using old book pages and doilies together can make perfect place mats for setting under plates of fun library themed birthday foods. This doilies craft was super simple to make and really dressed up our kitchen island.


  • Doilies (I had three different sizes of doilies that I found in a set at Dollar Tree).
  • Old book pages (I had a Little Women/Little Men dual book that I took pages out of).
  • Glue

Doilies Place Mat Instructions:

The first thing to do is to find out how to arrange the book pages in an overlapping circle.  The more they overlap, the smaller the circle will be.  You’ll want to take into account what size doilies you have, because you don’t want your old book page circle to be smaller than the doily.

It took some trial and error to find the perfect ways to overlap the old book pages.

Once I set out everything just so and perfected my circle, I glued the book pages together in the middle.  I ended up making several different old book page circles of different sizes to complement my three different sizes of doilies.

Then, I glued a doily on the top of each circle of pages.  Here’s a close-up of one of the doily place mats.

And here are several other pictures of them all laid out on our kitchen island!

My favorite part of this doilies craft was getting to put the beverage container as well as some of the plates and bowls perfectly on top of the place mats!  I LOVE having a fun beverage dispenser to use at parties.

Here’s one of the doilies place mats underneath a bowl of chocolate Teddy Grahams or “brown bears.”

And that’s it for this easy doilies craft!  Super easy and very cute for a book party decoration idea!  What do you think?

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