Chick-fil-A Birthday Party Ideas and Decorations-60th Birthday

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I want to share with you today the Chick-fil-A birthday party that we threw my dad this year!

Why a Chick-fil-a Birthday?

When I was in college, my friends and I used to do the Chick-fil-A first 100 grand openings. 10+ years ago when I was in college, if you were one of the first 100 people to Chick-fil-A the day before their grand opening the next day, you got 52 weeks of free chicken sandwiches.

As a broke college student, this was worth spending the night sleeping in a tent in the parking lot! We’d get there around noon the day before and stay until 6 am the next morning when they opened. I can’t believe my parents let me do that, and I also can’t believe I was crazy enough to do this on more than one occasion! One opening was in the 40’s and raining! (That’s cold for this Southern gal!)

Anyway, here’s the reason I share this story. I had so much free chicken that there’s no way I could eat it all myself. I gave a ton of the coupons to my parents to use, and that was the beginning of my dad’s Chick-fil-A obsession. My dad turned 60 this year, and since his favorite place in the whole world is Chick-fil-A, my mom threw him a surprise Chick-fil-A birthday party.

Some Chick-fil-A Birthday Party Ideas

We all wore black, white, or red and Chick-fil-A even provided us with some paper cow hats to wear!

My mom had some super cute food and Chick-fil-a decoration ideas!

Here are some colored flowers in Chick-fil-a cups.  My dad always gets large drinks, so we accumulated cups fast.

Here are two pictures of one of the tables.

Seeing as my dad is a Chick-fil-A A-lister, my mom was able to dig from his impressive collection of stuffed cows for decorations. They were placed all over the house along with red, white, and black balloons. The white balloons had black spots on them.

I love how the cow is sitting on top of the utensils!

For food, since this was a Chick-fil-A birthday party, we catered their chicken nuggets, cool wraps, kale salad, and chicken sandwiches that were cut into half and placed in a cute red basket.

She even used the recipe to make Chick-fil-A coleslaw! Also as a side, we bought blue tortilla chips (bc they looked black of course) and waffle shaped chips to go with white dip and salsa. (There was also green guacamole, but guacamole is so worth breaking a color scheme for!)

For desserts, we bought Chick-fil-A cookies, and my mom made chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies (‘cow patties’) and dipped Oreos into white chocolate to look like cows. These all went in a cute red tray. The cake was a super simple white, black, and red with chocolate chips all over it–cow spots! And don’t forget the mints at the end of the meal! Everyone had a great time at his Chick-fil-A birthday party!  Like cows also? Enjoy this post here of a DIY cow potholder I sewed as a gift.

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