DIY: Girl’s Initial Wreath for Birthday & Room Decoration

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I don’t know why, but for some reason, I love decorating the kids’ rooms with their names or initials. (Here’s my daughter’s name on her wall and my son’s name on his wall.) I know it is weird, but it just seems so adorable for kids.  I mean, I don’t really want it in my own room, but it is different with the little ones.

For my daughter’s first pink and gold birthday, I wanted to have as many decorations as possible. However, I always find myself spending a ton of money on decorations and eventually throwing them away or putting them in a storage box somewhere.

So, for this birthday, I decided to incorporate a little bit of baby girl’s bedroom style so we could reuse the decoration later. I decided to make a DIY initial wreath that we could reuse as a wall hanging for her room.  All in all, I made it in less than an hour, and it cost less than $10!

Initial Wreath Materials:

  • 1 Wire Wreath Frame (you choose the size!)
  • Tulle
  • Wooden Letter
  • Paint
  • Glue or glue dots

I bought the wire wreath from Amazon here,  and the tulle is a neon coral from Hobby Lobby.  (I used a little over 3 yards for my wreath, so you only have to buy one roll of tulle.)  The wooden letter also came from Hobby Lobby. (Don’t forget to use a 40% off coupon if they aren’t on sale.)

How To Make This Decoration:

First, paint the letter your color of choice. I chose a gold since our party was gold themed, and well, it’s really in style right now. I only painted one side of my letter because I planned on hanging it later. With the gold paint, I probably had to do about five different coats for the color to really show.


Next, decide how long you want your tulle to hang over the wreath. I didn’t want much, so my tulle strips were smaller. As you can tell, mine vary in length. (Estimated- 6 inches).

Cut a strip about 1 inch – 2 inches in width and however long you want them to be. Secure it by doing a loop ‘n through knot- like you would a scarf. Do this a million more times until you have filled the entire wreath. The closer your loops are together, the less likely the wreath will show through underneath.

Once completed, attach your letter to the center. I used glue dots, here. If you haven’t ever used these, they are great to have around the house!

There you go! We would love to see your versions of a DIY initial wreath. Let us know how you decorate your children’s rooms!