DIY Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas: Guest “Book” + Party Favors

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Baby girl for her third birthday desperately wanted a Minnie Mouse birthday party.  I first made her handmade Minnie Mouse invitations several months ago.  Now, we’ve finished celebrating the occasion, and I’m finally getting around to writing this post!

We had a fun day filled with lots of food and fun and family. And a 34-week pregnant Mommy whose varicose veins were HUGE. As much as I love my daughter, throwing her a huge shindig like I had done the last two years (her super awesome Disney Princess Birthday Party and Book/Library Birthday Party) really wasn’t in the cards. I just didn’t have time or strength to stand all day and make super unique foods. I had to settle for easy things that didn’t have to be mostly made day of or the night before.

Up first, the food for this Minnie Mouse birthday party!

Campfire Cones Bar: Minnie’s Sweet Treats

After some Pin-spiration, I decided an easy thing to do in cold December would be to have a campfire cones! These allowed me to put together a lot of items with long shelf-lives beforehand but still have a fun DIY feel to the party the day of.

I made a cute little sign for to instruct guests how to make their campfire cones.  You really have to zoom into this picture to see it.  It says: Minnie’s Sweet Treats. Fill a cone with your favorite sweets.  Wrap in aluminum foil, and we’ll have oven-baked treats.

I selected a lot of different campfire cone add-ins

  • Rolo’s
  • Hershey’s bars
  • Sprinkles
  • Marshmallows
  • Crushed Thin Mints (They were the Aldi brand.)
  • Crushed Oreos
  • Pecans
  • Graham Crackers
  • Sliced strawberries
  • Bananas

The candy and fruit spread

My pink flower plate is courtesy of Dollar Tree.  I love it and use it at parties all the time!  It was also great since it was pink like Minnie Mouse!

I used waffle cones for the base, and Dollar Tree has pre-cut aluminum foil sheets that were perfect for the occasion.

Campfire Cones Oven Instructions

Since we were doing an indoor party, these weren’t technically “campfire cones.”  We made do with the oven!

After assembling their campfire cones, the guests wrapped them in aluminum foil.  I baked them at 350 degrees for about 7 minutes.  I had a whole sheet pan full of them! In the end, they turned out perfect and ooey gooey!

Hints for Making the Best Campfire Cones

One thing we discovered after making the cones was it helped to have a lot more chocolate or marshmallows inside than you thought you needed. Without the chocolate or marshmallows, the insides didn’t melt and stick together well.

Also, smaller pieces of fillings (such as crumbled graham crackers) work better than larger pieces (bigger graham cracker chunks.)  Smaller pieces are more likely to go into the tip of the cone so it’s not left as empty space.

Other Minnie Mouse Party Food and Beverages

I also stuck in a healthy veggie tray and ordered some premade cupcakes. Again, I just didn’t have the ability to stand and frost forever without having huge amounts of leg swelling!

For punch, I did try to make a pink Minnie-colored punch. I mixed ginger ale, pineapple juice, and frozen pink lemonade concentrate and got a pretty good shade of pink. It tasted great also!

Minnie Mouse Party Activities

Quirky Family Photo

It’s important to me that every birthday party I throw for my girls has a guest picture.  I also like these pictures to be themed.  This year was no different!

I bought Minnie Mouse ears headbands from Party City.  Instructions on our entrance table told all the guest to “pick some ears to wear for our family photo!”  Some family members wore their Minnie ears the whole party.

DIY Minnie Mouse “Guest Book”: Sign Puzzle Pieces

It’s also important to me that we have some sort of unique guest book idea.  I bought a 24-piece Minnie Mouse puzzle from Target, deconstructed it, and left guest instructions.  They read: “Please sign a piece of the puzzle so I can remember you every time I put the puzzle together.”

I also left guests with permanent markers to sign the puzzle pieces.  Since my daughter loves to do puzzles, she has enjoyed this guest book a lot so far!

All the activities were set out upon a Minnie tablecloth I snagged from Target.  The rest of our Minnie Mouse plates, napkins, utensils, etc came from there as well.

DIY Minnie Mouse Party Favors

I’m of the mindset that any good kid’s party needs party favors or goodie bags at the end.  This Minnie party was no different!

Here are the Minnie party favor bags all set out at the front of the door.  I got the little baggies also from Dollar Tree. (This is definitely my favorite starting store for all birthday party inspiration!)

Party Favor Bag Contents

First, I made my own Minnie Mouse themed treats.  These are pink strawberry wafer cookies I got from the grocery store.  I used a white paint pen to make white dots like on Minnie Mouse.  On some of the wafers, I used round faux diamond bling to make the dots.  I ended up liking the white ones better so made many of these treats.

I then added in pink candies: cinnamon hard candies and pink bubblegum.  Obviously, these were for older party guests.  My three year old does not chew gum or suck hard candy yet!

I also bought some Honest Kids Berry Berry Lemonade juice packs because they were pink.  It’s nice that they have no added sugars, but you can definitely tell that from the taste!

To round out our Minnie party, my daughter got to dress in a Minnie Mouse dress herself.  I nabbed it 70% off at Target after Halloween, so it was a great deal as well for our budget Minnie Mouse party!

And that’s it for our Minnie Mouse birthday party.  As I said before, it wasn’t as extensive as some of our parties, but it was still a hit for my daughter.  And that’s all that matters in the end.