Toddler Reading Corner Idea: Pillows, Decorations, and Bookshelves

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Today I want to show you some of the toddler reading corner ideas we used when setting up a new reading nook for our older daughter.  She recently moved into her “big girl” room from the nursery, and we wanted to make things as special as possible.

We aren’t huge fans of excessive technology use for kids, so we are trying to encourage our daughter to read books when bored.  A fun toddler book nook would be a perfect ideam we hoped, to inspire her to cuddle up with a good read!

Her Big Girl Room Colors and Inspiration

As a reminder, her nursery theme was pink owls with some other fun colors.  Here’s the quilt my mom made her showcasing the fabrics we centered much of the room on.  We wanted the new room to complement this color scheme still.

Here’s the picture of the DIY bow holder I made using the owl fabric from the quilt.  I used the fun owl-print fabric here as well.

Old Canvas Upcycle

Toddler Reading Corner Ideas

And here’s how we put together her comfy, cozy book nook!

Lots of Comfy Pillows

Every comfy reading corner needs either pillows or a chair.  We had a small little ottoman already that my daughter likes to sit on, so we placed that in the corner and surrounded it with lots of pillows.

Since I wanted to incorporate her theme fabrics into the reading corner, I decided to make pillowcases for old pillows we had.  I’m not gonna lie, my husband and I never make our bed fully with all the 15+ pillows that it came with.  So we had a lot of mostly useless pillow forms lying around.  Perfect for reusing!

I loosely followed an online tutorial to make envelope pillowcases, so I made several using the quilt fabrics!  There’s the owl pillow, the flowery pillow, the green polka dot pillow, and even the super fuzzy pink pillow from the fabric we used on the back of her quilt.  We also threw in a Minnie Mouse pillow because it was a good color, and my daughter loves Minnie Mouse!

A Squishy Mat in the Corner

Since our bedroom has hard floors, I needed something soft to put on the floor to discourage slipping of the pillows as well as to pad my daughter’s rear end.  We had a big foam Minnie Mouse puzzle laying around that did just the trick!

Holding the Books

Every toddler book nook needs a way to organize and store the books!

I added a sling bookshelf that holds around 30 of her most recent favorite books.  We like to follow a book rotation, much like we follow a toy rotation, and we leave a large portion of her books in boxes in her closet.

In addition to the floor bookshelf, I put two bookshelves on the wall to hold the books she’s planning to read that week.

Fun Cloud Bookshelf

I decorated these cute cloud bookshelves from some damaged white cloud bookshelves that I found on the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby.  Having to fix them up actually worked out well, because they are much cuter than the original product in my opinion!

And that’s it for our book nook!  I hope you enjoyed seeing our toddler reading corner ideas, and they will inspire you to go out and create your own reading space for your kids!