Cloud Bookshelf for Children’s Room or Nursery Reading Corner

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Now that baby girl #2 has arrived, we’ve been working on getting her older sister out of the nursery and into her new big girl room!  We have the baby still in a bassinet in our room, so we aren’t in a huge rush.  We’d rather be prepared a little earlier than the time we need to be though.  As an incentive to moving into her big girl room for our daughter, we’ve been working on making things super special in there for her.

One thing that’s important for her big girl room is a new reading corner.  In her nursery, she has a ton of books stored in gutter bookshelves right now.

Her new big girl reading corner is still a work in progress, but I’ve been adding small things to it little by little. One day while shopping at Hobby Lobby I found these cute cloud bookshelves on a clearance for 5$ a piece!  They were damaged (hence the good price!) so I knew I would have to fix them up a little bit.  I thought they would be a perfect addition to the reading corner and a good excuse for some crafting!  Here’s a picture of the before.

How I Updated These Cloud Bookshelves:

The big girl room is so far a variety of shades of pink, so that’s the primary color I wanted on the shelves.

To update the shelves, I first took out a cute crown patch I had gotten from a Michael’s grab bag.   (I have SOOO much good luck with getting awesome items from Michael’s grab bags!)  This patch was perfect for the first cloud bookshelf, so I glued it on.  Along the bottom of the shelf with the crown, I also glued some ribbon.  This is a match to the ribbon I used to make her bow holder.  Polka dots are also a part of her name on the wall.  (See those links for more pictures and the tutorials!)  Here’s a picture of that bow holder though with the name:

Here’s a picture of this cloud bookshelf with some of our favorite books!  We especially love all Fancy Nancy books right now!

The other shelf I painted pink on the front cloud and later glued more ribbon along the base.  Here’s a picture of this one.  Another of our favorite books is Louise Loves Art.  My three year old is a definite budding artist!

The Final Product: Updated DIY Cloud Bookshelves

Here is a picture of both of the shelves together:

Overall, having to fix the shelves actually worked out well.  They are much cuter than the original product in my opinion!

Stay tuned for a post of what the entire reading corner’s going to look like when I’m finally done with it!