Snow Cone Birthday Party Ideas: “30 and Still Cool”

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My husband recently turned 30, so I threw him a huge bash!

I wanted to throw a snow cone party after buying my awesome snow cone maker, but I decided to expand that a little and throw a whole “cool” themed birthday party.

Since hubby’s birthday is in the middle of summer, this is a perfect time to have an ice-cold party!

Cool Birthday Party Decor

I started with a homemade banner that says “30 & Still Cool.”

We are a super cheesy family, and my husband makes a lot of puns and jokes that aren’t really funny to anyone…but me…and sometimes only because I’m his wife…so he naturally loved the banner and the party theme based around it.

I also had this great cocktail umbrella hanging ball that I made a little while ago that worked just perfectly as another decoration.

Cool Birthday Party Snow Cones

I had 5 snow cone flavors for guests to choose from.

I used mini squeeze bottles with chalkboard sticky labels to hold the syrups.

Blue raspberry lemonade, peach mango, and black cherry were all made from Kool-Aid packets using this recipe.

The mojito and peach daiquiri were the two alcoholic options I got from Martha Stewart’s website.

If I had to do it all over again, I’d just scrap these two snow cone syrups because they took so long, and this Momma is short on time! (This is a fun website to bookmark if you are looking for other snow cone combo flavors.)

I also spent an arm and a leg on cute snow cone cups and straws, but it was so worth it to bring back good childhood memories!  I put some mini cocktail umbrellas in the cups too in case anyone felt so inclined to include them in their snow cone.

Cool Birthday Party Food

The food was all themed and had cute little labels that went along with the banner.  Check out the awesome puns here: “30 and still as cool…

  • “As a cucumber”: simply sliced cucumbers with cream cheese and chive dip courtesy of Kroger

  • “As an ice cube”: blue Jello jigglers.  I sliced them in cube shapes so they looked kind of like ice cubes.

  • “As a polar bear”: I made polar bear cupcakes using white cupcakes with white icing covered with shredded coconut for the fur.  I used marshmallow halves for each ear as well as a big chocolate chip for the nose and two small chocolate chips for the eyes.  I was super excited how great these easy polar bear cupcakes turned out!

  • “As a penguin on a sunny beach now that he’s 30!”: here I really feel like I outdid myself by first making a tasty sand pudding.  I made some Oreo penguins as well.  I used Oreos as the base obviously and the two wings.  Yellow M&M minis were for the feet, and one orange M&M mini for the beak.  The eyes were both miniature chocolate chips.  I sat these Oreo penguins under mini cocktail umbrellas so it looked like they were lounging on a beach!  I also just sat some penguins out by themselves as well as in a small Pyrex dish with the faux sand.

For beverages, I made tea and water.  In the water, I used an eyeglasses candy mold to freeze ice cubes in the shape of glasses.  If you look really close, you can see them floating!

For both beverages, I cut up strawberries and peaches very small and froze them in ice cube containers with water to make fruit ice cubes for anyone who may be wanting some extra flavor.

For dessert, I made a carrot cake with salted caramel cream cheese.  Was it as pretty as the pics on the recipe website?  Nope.  But it did taste good!  And you can almost tell that I tried to make a heart out of caramel!

Cool Birthday Party Favors

I never throw a party without a goodie bag, so these goodie bags were things my husband liked back when he was “young and cool.”  Pixy Stix, Fun Dip, and Mondo…which amazingly were all available at our local Dollar Tree despite being a blast from the past for sure!

And that’s how the cool snow cone party shaped up.  What do you think?

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