DIY Washi Tape Craft – Decorate IKEA FLYT Magazine Holder

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I’ve been working on converting part of our study into an arts and craft corner for my daughter.  I’m hoping this will give her a little bit of space where she will feel motivated to play and craft by herself.  And maybe I can get some work done at the same time!

Her favorite art activity right now is using crayons and markers to draw.  I like to have scratch paper and construction paper ready in case the mood strikes and she needs to create.  I’ve been looking for a cute way to store the papers when she’s not using them.

Magazine Holders Store Papers Great!

After brainstorming for a while, I decided to buy some Ikea FLYT magazine files to store the scratch and construction papers in.  While they are affordable compared to other holders I could find, they are just so ugly and plain.

Since it’s just a matter of time until my daughter defaces the magazine files with her markers, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on anything too fancy.  I did want something a little cuter, though.  Thus, this super fast and easy DIY washi tape project was born!

I have a ton of washi tape lying around that I’ve accumulated from Hobby Lobby clearance, Michael’s grab bags, and even Dollar Tree.  This was PERFECT for dressing up the holders a little bit.

Here’s the plain FLYT magazine holder:

It’s an ugly white color, and the corrugated cardboard is very obvious.  It’s fairly sturdy, though, and will serve its purpose!

And Here’s My FLYT With the Washi Tape:

I used three different types of washi tape during this IKEA hack project.  First, was a fun black zigzag washi tape.  Lining up the zigzags around the FLYT magazine files was a bit annoying at the corners, but I think my DIY magazine holder turned out well.  It took me a while to decide how much space I wanted between each of the lines of washi tape, but once that was decided…this took me less than 5 minutes to stick the washi tape on!

And here’s all of the decorated magazine files lined up on the bookshelf.  The left upcycled FLYT has red glittery washi tape on it, and the middle file has a nice mirrored silver washi tape.  They were both a Dollar Tree special that came in a pack of 4!

I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of her new craft room on here soon.  It’s still a work in progress! Remodeling and reorganizing take 1000x longer when a tiny child is involved!  But for now, this DIY washi tape craft is at least completed.  And we can store scratch papers in these upcycled magazine files.

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