DIY Fabric Rag Garland for Mint, Coral, and Gold Nursery

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Today I’m sharing a quick tutorial on how to make a DIY fabric garland.  It’s a quick and easy scrap fabric project that can be accomplished in less than a nap time.  With the ability to customize based on any colors or decor you want to match, the fabric garland will look great in any environment!  Our DIY rag garland was made specifically for my daughter’s mint, coral, and gold nursery.

Baby girl #2 debuted this last January, and we are way behind on finishing up her nursery.  We were trying to keep the 3 year old in the nursery as long as possible so we didn’t throw too much change onto her at once.  And the baby slept her first 4 months in a bassinet in our room.  As such, I never felt the urge to finish preparing for the great room switcheroo.  When the time came to switch rooms, the big girl room was ready to go at least!  But the nursery is still getting some finishing touches.

Why Make a Rag Tie Garland?

I’ve seen a lot of rag garland ideas on Pinterest, and I love how easy to customize they are.  I really wanted to make my own with the fabrics and colors that we’ve picked for our daughter’s room.   I looked for pre-made decorations, but nothing matched as perfectly as I wanted.

The nursery is based on her homemade quilt with mint green, salmon, and gold in it.  My mom made the quilt using fabric from Hobby Lobby, and we love how delicate and feminine it is.  We had a ton of leftover scrap fabric, so this fabric garland project is a perfect way to use up some scraps!

Here’s the quilt laying on top of the dresser that my husband repainted as part of the room makeover.

One other scrap fabric project I did was to make a wooden cross with scrap fabric flowers to match the nursery decor.  You’re seeing the trend of how I want everything in this room to match, right?

So, ready to make a no-sew scrap fabric garland banner of your own?  Read on!

DIY Fabric Garland Supplies

  • Rope or string to hold the fabric
  • Scrap fabric and ribbon of matching color schemes
  • Scissors and a measuring tape (if you’re wanting more precision)

How to Make a Rag Garland With Fabric

To start with, you’ll want to collect and coordinate all your supplies.

I found some thick, gold string at Hobby Lobby and used that as my rope to hold the garland. I also bought several types of ribbons and a few other fabrics that were in the same color scheme of the quilt fabric I had laying around. 

Then, I got around to cutting the fabric and ribbons.  My ribbons are all cut to around 26-27 inches in length, and most of my fabrics are 2-2.5 inches in width by 26-27 inches in length.  The ribbons range anywhere from around 0.5 inches to 2.5 inches in width.  I like the shabby chic vibe of the garland, which means that a little bit of variation between widths and lengths is actually a good thing for the presentation!  Hence, I didn’t measure the fabric pieces very accurately on purpose.

It only took one afternoon nap time to tie all the ribbons and fabric lengths on in semi-random order.  I found that a repeating pattern looked too put together for my tastes.

In terms of attaching the fabrics and ribbons, knotting once tightly around the string seemed to work well enough.  Here are a couple pictures showing the selection of fabrics and ribbons as well as how I think it looks better with everything not so uniform.

The Final Result!

After completing my DIY fabric garland, I did think the wall needed a little something more than the rag garland itself. I  hung the cross I made her earlier on top of the fabric garland.  It is exactly what I wanted!  Below are two pictures of the garland banner and how it’s situated above the crib.


I was even able to find a cute crib sheet set that matched the mint, gold, and salmon of the room.  It’s been a great find for cute baby pictures.

What do you think? I still have a ton of leftover quilt fabric, and I’m looking for other scrap fabric sewing projects if anyone has any ideas!