DIY Gift Tags for Christmas – Flannel Shirt Repurpose

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I’ve been posting a lot of flannel shirt repurposing crafts lately. My husband retired one of his faithful and very shrunken old flannel shirts, and I’ve been finding ways to upcycle parts of it.

Remember the keychain chapstick holder? And the DIY flannel drawstring bag? And the lavender sachet?  See, I’ve been on a roll with upcycling crafts!

Now that Fall is here and soon after comes Christmas, I’m stepping up my flannel repurposing game to make DIY gift tags for Christmas.

These homemade gift tags are simple to make and can be customized based on what you have in your craft room.  Each tag took less than 5 minutes to craft, and the cost was minimal seeing as I reused items around the house.  And, if you don’t have a flannel shirt, you can use any old scrap pieces of fabric!

Read on for the quick tutorial for how to make your own gift tags and add that personal touch to your Christmas gifts!

Flannel Shirt Repurpose to DIY Gift Tags

DIY Christmas Gift Tags Supplies

  • Card stock paper. I liked the cardboard brown color best.
  • Old flannel shirts scraps (or any type of Christmas-themed fabric scraps)
  • Glue (I used regular craft glue.)
  • Scissors and paper punches (or a Cricut!)

How To Make DIY Gift Tags:

As I mentioned earlier, there is no right way to making these gift tags as you can customize based on the supplies around your house.  But, here’s the process I followed.

I first started with ironing my flannel shirt scraps to make sure they weren’t wrinkled.

Then, I made a plan for how I wanted the gift tags to look.  I used two paper punches to make the tags: heart and owl.  I didn’t want to take the time to get my Cricut out, but you can cut virtually unlimited shapes with a Cricut.

Christmas Gift Tag Idea #1: Flannel Heart Tag

First, I cut the brown cardstock paper into the shape of a tag. The tag was two layers thick and folded at one side. I started with a rectangle.

Then, I punched out a heart shape on just the top layer of paper and trimmed two of the edges on both layers.  Also, I added a hole punch on the top left of the tag to attach a string to later.  This was through both layers.

Then, I cut a piece of flannel a little larger than the heart and glued it on the inside of the tag.

With this done, all I had left to do was glue the tag together. I then let it dry overnight, and that gift tag was done!  Here it is, waiting to be tied onto a Christmas present!

I made several of the same gift tags since I loved how it turned out.  On the front, I wrote in To: and From: with a thin Sharpie.  I tried stamping a few of them, but that was more hassle than it was worth!  When it came time to tie the tags onto the Christmas gifts, I used a brown-colored twine that looked festive!

Homemade Gift Tag Idea #2: Owl Gift Tags

There were two different types of DIY gift tags I made using the owl punch. The first was using the punched-out owl shape, and the other was using the owl outline.

Making these Christmas tags was pretty self-explanatory.  Again, I cut a small piece of flannel and glued the cardstock to it.  Here’s how the two of them turned out before I hole-punched and wrote on them.

On the gift tag with the cardstock outline, I wrote To: above the owl and From: below the owl and hole-punched on the left.  On the DIY gift tag using the flannel background, I actually glued another piece of rectangular cardstock to the back of it.  That’s where I wrote who it was to and who it was from.  Hole punching this tag was a stretch for my little single hole punch, and I had to help it out a bit with some small scissors after its first attempt. As with the heart gift tags, tying with twine looked great!

Overall, I was so pleased with how these homemade Christmas gift tags turned out!  My husband was also happy that the memory of his flannel shirt gets to live on a little longer with this flannel repurposing project.

Happy holidays!

DIY Flannel Shirt GIft Tags